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Come One, Come All: Join VMware at Open Source Summit North America 2019

If there’s one must-attend open source event this year, it’s The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit North America 2019. Running from August 21-23 in San Diego, the event brings together the entire open source community under one roof for three days of inspiration, education and plain old fun. With over 2,000 developers, technologists and industry experts in attendance, you’ll find plenty of peers eager to discuss the latest trends in open source and open collaboration. So, whether you want to grow your technical skills, find new projects to collaborate on or simply get involved in the vibrant open source community, the Open Source Summit is for you.

Open Source Summit As always, the Summit will offer hackathons and sessions on the newest technologies involving open source, including networking, cloud native, edge computing, AI and much more. But it’s also got a few new tricks up its sleeve, beginning with a free Zumba class to kick the conference off right. And after its success last year, the Open Source Summit 2019 will once more offer a first-time attendee breakfast as an icebreaker to connect you right away with members of the open source community. That’s in addition to lightning talks, speaker office hours and the All-Attendee Reception aboard the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.

VMware will be on-hand as a Gold Sponsor of Open Source Summit 2019, and several of our experts will be sharing best practices and insights, as well as presentations of their open source work. Check out a breakdown of our hosted sessions below:

Venil Noronha, an engineer in the VMware Open Source Technology Center, explains how Service Mesh technologies, like open source Istio and Envoy, provide solutions to key challenges in the Distributed Systems domain. He’ll present the basics of Service Mesh, what makes it great for Cloud Native Applications and how to get started.

Ah, compliance! It may be frustrating at times, but it is certainly important. So, don’t miss this session with Nisha Kumar, an open source engineer at VMware, as she discusses Dependency Management and raises awareness of possible compliance issues stemming from Software Reuse. Nisha will provide a list of requirements to consider while waiting for the industry to decide how to untangle itself from the complicated dependency web it has weaved.

Do you like saving money? Then you’ll want to learn about open source Project Purser, built to fill the need for cost monitoring as container technology and Kubernetes have exploded in popularity. A good cost accountant provides insights into unanticipated costs to allow the cluster owner to understand exactly how the infrastructure’s budget is being distributed across teams. Krishna Karthik, a software engineer for VMware India, and Hemani Katyal, a software engineer for VMware Cloud Management, will discuss in detail how Purser provides resource and cost visibility for a Kubernetes cluster. They will then demo how these insights help teams make important budget decisions.

Shark week may be long over, but we swear this session with VMware Open Source Engineer Steven Rostedt is nearly as good. Steven will present the long-awaited KernelShark, an open source front end GUI for Ftrace that has been rewritten and re-released since it was first built as Steven’s “idle task.” Now a fully functional tool, see what KernelShark 1.0 can do in a live demo and get a sneak peek at what is coming next in KernelShark 2.0.

We can’t promise there will be actual pie at this session (though we also can’t say there won’t be), but we can promise you’ll leave excited about the possibilities EdgeX creates in Automotive IoT Applications. Through an automotive IoT proof of concept, Alex Courouble, an open source engineer in VMware’s Open Source Technology Center, will demonstrate how a developer can create an entire vertical solution with EdgeX, a Raspberry Pi and inexpensive GPS and OBD. His proof of concept is capable of serving data to multiple different cloud endpoints, which Alex will showcase through three different use cases: an insurance company, a smart city and a personal driving record.

This is just a small sampling of the sessions hosted by VMware experts at Open Source Summit 2019, and we can’t wait to chat with you about everything from Istio and serverless to compliance, the Linux Kernel and much more. See you soon!

We look forward to seeing and collaborating with you at Open Source Summit 2019! Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource) for updates leading up to the summit.


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