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Take a Deep Dive with VMware at KubeCon EU 2019

KubeCon EU 2019 is set to be the conference’s biggest and boldest year yet. As the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference, KubeCon gathers technologists, developers and contributors from leading open source and cloud native communities all over the world. This year, more than 10,000 attendees are expected to congregate in Barcelona, Spain from May 20-23 to discuss open source solutions that support the cloud native ecosystem.

VMware is once again proud to be a Diamond-level sponsor of KubeCon EU 2019 and will be taking part in 32 different sessions, keynotes, SIG workshops and lightning talks this year. Joe Beda will take the keynote stage to discuss Cluster API, while our many cloud native and open source experts will be leading discussions on Kubernetes release management, Harbor, Cluster API and network service mesh, along with topics relating to multi-tenancy, scalability, open source contributions and community self-care. When we’re not leading or listening in on breakout sessions, you’ll find VMware and its experts in booth D2 inside the Fira Gran Via.

We realize there’s always tons to see and do at these conferences, in addition to simply catching up and networking with this growing community. While we don’t expect to see you at all 32 of our events, we did want to highlight four deep-dive SIGs for you to pencil into your calendars during this year’s KubeCon EU.

In this SIG Release Deep Dive session, Tim Pepper, open source engineer, and Stephen Augustus, senior cloud native architect, will briefly discuss the history of release engineering in Kubernetes and the build tooling and workflows present today. Following that, they’ll move on to their plans and progress toward commonizing build tooling and workflows, the positive benefits we expect will come in the next few release cycles from this effort and how you can engage to better the future of Kubernetes.

In this talk, Nikolay Nikolaev, open source engineer at VMware, will walk the audience through the process of solving practical problems with Network Service Mesh (NSM)—recently accepted into the CNCF as a sandbox project—using three scenarios: enabling an existing service-based solution to run on top of NSM with no code changes, building a network service with existing tools and minimum coding, and using composition to build complex network services.

The Cluster Lifecycle SIG is the Special Interest Group responsible for building the user experience for deploying Kubernetes clusters. Their objective is to simplify creation, configuration, upgrade, downgrade and teardown of Kubernetes clusters and their components. In this deep dive, Lubomir Ivanov, open source engineer at VMware, will take a look at recent changes in kubeadm, examine how kubeadm is going to implement support for high availability clusters and peek through the window to see what’s coming next.

This presentation will provide an overview of the first half of our 2019 survey findings on the Kubernetes release/support cadence, describe progress toward and future work remaining to achieve a higher level of critical API stability and outline the shape of possible support enhancement proposals for Kubernetes.

We hope you’ll join us for these SIGs or drop by our booth to hash out solutions with us and come together as a stronger open source community. For a full list of VMware sponsored events, click here. Be sure to follow our Twitter channel (@vmwopensource) throughout KubeCon EU for the latest and breaking happening on the event floor, and check back into the Open Source Blog for our full KubeCon EU recap following the show.


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