First open sourced in 2016, Project Photon, a minimal lightweight Linux distribution designed for containers and cloud native technology, recently received a host of updates from its core development community. With this update, Photon now supports a number of bare metal platforms including, for the first time, support for ARM64.

Other updates to Photon OS 3.0 include:

  • As part of the support for ARM64 bit processors, base Docker image for ARM64 and a base image for Raspberry Pi3 have been added
  • Various installer improvements
  • Base OS package updates including Linux Kernel 4.19 LTS, Glibc 2.28, systemd 239 and Python3 3.7
    • Approximately 440 packages have been updated to their latest versions
  • Driver Development Kit: Easily add your custom device drivers
  • EdgeX packages to support adoption of open, interoperable IoT components

This updates Photon OS to the current versions of most key components and sets it up as a strong base OS, both for containerized and bare metal use.

Project Photon

Photon 3.0 also introduces three “sizes” of Photon, each for different applications or use cases:

  • Minimal: targeted at IoT devices that have limited compute and memory capabilities
  • Developer: includes packages to build, test and deploy containerized applications
  • Edge: includes packages relevant to an edge gateway device

Photon 3.0 continues to focus on security with support for Kernel Self-Protection Project (KSPP), Secure EFI boot and support for user and group authentication with AD or LDAP.

We invite open source community members, developers, partners and customers to collaborate on Photon OS. Please visit Project Photon OS on GitHub for documentation and details for contributing by clicking here.

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