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By Rostislav Georgiev

The Kubernetes community is chock-full of good news this week—first and foremost, the release of Kubernetes 1.13 made a splash earlier this week thanks to some impressive improvements in stability. But wait, there’s more: kubeadm, a tool for the deployment, upgrading and management of Kubernetes clusters, has finally graduated from Beta to stable!

Kubeadm traveled a very long road to arrive at today’s milestone—the project’s first stable release. It represents a lot of hard work by many different contributors from various companies and countries throughout the world. Congratulations and much gratitude to all who contributed to this effort. It’s time to tell the Kubernetes world that kubeadm is ready for action!

However, the work on kubeadm is not over by any stretch of the imagination as there’s still plenty to do. The community is now working on new features not yet available in the current stable release, including high availability clusters and configuration format. We’ll keep you updated as advancements in those areas and more become a reality. For more details on this latest kubeadm release, check out the official Kubernetes blog post.

If you’d like some additional background and information, check out our previous blog post that offers an introduction to the tool here. Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog for more updates as they become available and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource) as well.