Congrats: Project Harbor Graduates to Incubate

Fresh from KubeCon Shanghai, the Project Harbor team returned with great news: the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) approved to move Project Harbor from Sandbox to Incubate.  It’s recognition of the tremendous community support for the project and the growing adoption. The CNCF adopted Harbor as a Sandbox project in July, and since then, it’s been a whirlwind of activity for the community.

If you haven’t been following Harbor’s journey, some background: Project Harbor stores, signs and scans container images for vulnerabilities. It solves common challenges by delivering trust, compliance, performance, and interoperability. But mostly, it fills a gap for organizations and applications that cannot use a public or cloud-based registry, or that want a consistent experience across clouds – an important piece of the puzzle for many in an ever-changing digital landscape.

What started as an internal VMware skunk works project back in 2014 has expanded into a beloved open source product that’s been adopted by a significant userbase and vibrant community. This open source cloud native registry project is growing up, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Says Dirk Hohndel, VMware Chief Open Source Officer, “It’s wonderful to see the open source community processes working. The graduation of harbor to the incubation state is a testament to the great work done by the community.” We couldn’t agree more.

Project Harbor

Moving from Sandbox to Incubation so quickly is evidence of the strong community support for Harbor.  To be accepted as a CNCF Incubate project, you must demonstrate:

  • Significant production usage leveraged for business needs;
  • A working and able team that maintains the project;
  • A healthy number of contributions to features and code base.

We’re delighted that CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) reviewed the Harbor team’s proposal and determined that all of the criteria were met. Thanks to our contributors and userbase, Harbor’s architecture is mature and battled-tested in real-world custom SaaS and on-prem deployments – essentially, Harbor is ready.

Want to keep up with our journey? Join our community on Slack, commit on Github, and follow us on Twitter at @project_harbor.


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