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If there’s one thing The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit North America 2018 sets out to prove, it’s that open source is for everyone. By inviting the entire open source ecosystem to connect under one roof in Vancouver from August 29-31, Open Source Summit 2018 offers an unmatched collaborative environment for more than 2,000 developers, technologists and industry experts to continue inspiring each other and driving open source technology forward. The goal of the conference is to offer tips on navigating the open source landscape, exchange ideas on the latest trends, grow one another’s technical skills and, ultimately, foster richer open source communities and collaboration.

As always, Open Source Summit 2018 will offer the hackathons and sessions you’ve come to love from past conferences, but this year’s event also has some new tricks up its sleeve. For starters, Open Source Summit 2018 will host a breakfast for first-time attendees as an icebreaker to facilitate that community connection right off the bat. There will also be lightning talks, speaker office hours and a “Better Together” diversity social all in celebration of the power of open source.

Open Source Summit

VMware will be on-hand as a Gold sponsor of Open Source Summit 2018, and several of our open source experts will be sharing their best practices and insights. Chief Open Source Officer Dirk Hohndel will join Linus Torvalds during the Wednesday keynote session for a lively conversation about—you guessed it—open source. Then the conference begins in full force, with multiple content tracks and the can’t-miss hallway track. Check out a breakdown of some of our hosted sessions below:

Staff Open Source Program Manager Meng Chow and Senior Open Source Program Manager Aida Rivas tackle the nagging question: How do we streamline and improve the open source review process for longer-term productivity gains? Join Meng and Aida as they discuss selecting the best pilot candidate for implementing improved processes, the challenges around reworking internal processes and how to accelerate improvements company-wide.

It’s easy to get confused by all the analogies used to represent a quality software engineering process. Sprint, marathon, triathlon, heptathlon? Making sausage? Ship building? Rocket surgery? Brain science? Talk about an overload! Tim Pepper, the Kubernetes 1.12 release lead, will give an insider’s view of the release team, its processes and how a globally distributed set of open source collaborators can come together across a dynamic and large project to deliver quality code on a regular cadence. This talk will attempt to do so with a minimum of memes and metaphors! (WARNING: may include pictures of kittens).

You’ve scrubbed your code, finished your patches and tested it ad nauseum. Now it’s ready to be open sourced, right? Not so fast. Director of Marketing Suzanne Ambiel and Senior Open Source Program Manager Lauren Britton are here to tell you that much more goes into a successful open source project than just code. Join them for a fast-paced checklist of things to consider—other than code—before launching your project.

Moderated by Wendy Cartee, senior director of marketing at VMware, this panel discussion featuring Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Devin Davis and Linux Foundation’s Dee Kumar will discuss the importance of marketing in open source, provide examples of projects that flourished because of marketing and offer insight into how marketing teams from both enterprises and open source projects can work together for greater results.


VMware’s open source experts can also be found hosting office hours on the Expo floor throughout the summit. Stop by and chat with us about anything from Istio, serverless, compliance, the Linux Kernel and tracing and much more. And before the fun kicks off at Open Source Summit, be sure to stop by CHAOSScon Summit on Tuesday, August 28 at University of British Columbia to learn about the metrics and tools the open source community uses. Our own John Hawley and Alex Courouble will be on-hand to discuss the trials and tribulations of finding data.

We look forward to seeing and collaborating with you at Open Source Summit 2018! Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource) for updates leading up to the summit.