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This week, you’ll find VMware and the Project Clarity team at NG Conf – the world’s original Angular Conference – in Salt Lake City, Utah.

And while you can learn about Clarity at the VMware booth, your best bet will be to stop by the Clarity booth. There you’ll find the Project Clarity team showcasing the latest with Project Clarity, engaging with the community and demonstrating the latest features and enhancements.

We caught up with Jehad Affoneh, project lead for Clarity, to get more details on what this week’s activities.

What is the VMware team showing at the conference?

In November, Project Clarity went Open Source. NG Conf will be the first conference that we’ve been to since then. We’re excited to showcase Project Clarity, especially the Angular components, and get feedback on the work we’ve been doing. Not only that, but we are looking forward to hearing back from people who have used Clarity. We always like hearing from our community and the Angular conference is a great opportunity to meet people and talk to them about their design system. We love Angular and we work regularly with the Angular team. We’re really excited to join the conference as members of the Angular community.

Is there anything specific the team looks to achieve at NG Conf?

At NG Conf, we want to communicate that VMware has been, and will continue to be, contributing members of the Angular community. As said, we’re really happy to be there as members. We want to share the work we’ve been doing with the Angular community, collect feedback, and share our plans for the future. We hope to meet and make some new community members – stop by our booth and meet our team and learn how you can use Clarity and contribute to its growth. Our team members will be attending several of the breakout sessions at the conference to both learn a little more about what’s going to happen with Angular moving forward, as well as be part of discussions with the Angular team.

Tell us a little more about the demos you’ll be showing at NG Conf.

We will be demonstrating our progress on Clarity as well as the work we’ve been doing. While there is no specific demo, we will be showcasing the overall Clarity design system. The larger VMware booth may participate in the NG Challenge at NG Conf, but the entry will be based on Clarity.

What’s the latest status on Clarity? Any releases of note? Feature additions?

Since 11/15, when Clarity first debuted on github, we’ve had dozens of releases. Each one brings new changes to new components. Since going to open source, we’ve seen an uptick in contributors. We’ve also seen hundreds, if not thousands, of views to our website, as well as tens of thousands of users who have been both visiting and using Clarity. We’re very excited about the momentum of Clarity and look forward to seeing where this goes in the next few months. To keep up with Project Clarity, follow us on Twitter and visit our community blog. We post pretty regularly – we’re a very social bunch!

We’d love to hear more about the community engagement for the project.

We’ve seen a lot of engagements and contributions, as well as usage and applications built on top of Clarity since going to open source. As time progresses, we’ve seen more and more people come forward with contributions. That’s really exciting to us.

Any adoption stories to tell?

There have been a huge number of VMware applications and portfolio products that are either on Clarity, moving to Clarity, or have plans to move to Clarity – we’ve seen a huge adoption internally within VMware. Externally, we have been working with a number of different users. No specific adoption stories, but that’s something we’re working on to share within the next few weeks and months.

NG Conf takes place April 5th-7th in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find more details here.