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Paul Fazzone Joins Cloud Foundry Board

VMware cloud native apps leader Paul Fazzone on his decision to join the Cloud Foundry Board.By Paul Fazzone, General Manager, Cloud Native Apps, VMware

Since Cloud Foundry Foundation was established in 2015, companies from all over the world have adopted its open source cloud platform to drive faster business agility and innovation. The Cloud Foundry community has done an amazing job building a platform that helps developers innovate faster and simplify production deployments of modern applications. I am proud to be a member of this community and join the Cloud Foundry Foundation Board of Directors.

VMware, along with Pivotal, has long been part of the Cloud Foundry community. As head of Cloud-Native Applications business at VMware, I have spoken with many enterprise organizations who are leveraging Cloud Foundry as a catalyst to transform their business through faster innovation and more efficient operations. Ultimately, this enables a superior experience for their customers.

Adoption of Cloud Foundry is growing rapidly worldwide across all industries.  Customer examples include Volkswagen Group, who is on a quest for the connected car of the future, Fidelity with more than 45 applications running on its Cloud Foundry-based platform, and Rakuten, a Japanese ecommerce and Internet company, who has been running Cloud Foundry in production for five years on over 5,000 virtual servers.

Innovation in the Cloud Foundry community continues to expand. The community has built key projects such as BOSH that changed the game for enterprises. Recent projects such as the extension of Cloud Foundry Service Broker API to Kubernetes help enterprises provide the developer-ready platform needed to fuel their digital transformation. The strength of the Cloud Foundry platform is driving the creation of a very healthy partner ecosystem.

These are just some of the reasons I am excited to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation Board of Directors and work with Executive Director, Abby Kearns (and her CFF team) to help develop this thriving community of contributors and users. I look forward to meeting the community at the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit.


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