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Setting the record straight on DRS, pDRS and Workload Placement


A consistent theme in questions from customers have been cropping up lately around VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), p(predictive)DRS & workload placement. The questions are related to how DRS & pDRS actually work as well as some misunderstandings around the benefits they bring to customers’ environments. There are several descriptive posts on how DRS & pDRS work, why they were created and Read more...
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Workload Management: Happiness Matters More Than Perfection


Happy workloads support great service to the line of business and efficient resource management—in the best scenario, a “win-win” for IT and the business stakeholder. But the pursuit of perfection comes at a cost; hence “perfect” and “optimal” workload placement may look different. In this post we’ll take a look at the hidden costs of Read more...

Why data granularity matters in monitoring


There are a wide variety of solutions on the market all claim to have various levels of machine learning, adaptive baselines, market driven analytics, learning algorithms etc… By and large they all collect the data the same way, poll vCenter for performance data via real-time APIs and on at the same time or less frequently poll all Read more...