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vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon – Now Available in vRealize Operations Cloud!

Customers of VMware vRealize Operations will be excited to learn about the new VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon. This new Management Pack empowers administrators to monitor, identify anomalies and optimize VMware Horizon environments. It provides provide consistent operations throughout their VMware Cloud Foundation hybrid-cloud stack for vSphere & Horizon administrators.

The new management pack will be available cloud-first for vRealize Operations Cloud customers starting this quarter. For Horizon 7.12 or 2006 (8.0) administrators, they will be excited to see the primary use cases supported by the Management Pack for Horizon:

  • Provide full SDDC infrastructure monitoring to ensure performance, capacity, and optimization related to user session and user experience for SDDC components hosting your Horizon management infrastructure
  • Provide a unified view of the Horizon infrastructure components, including Unified Access Gateways and Connection servers.
  • Unifies data center infrastructure monitoring and VDI infrastructure monitoring in the same platform

All of these use cases are enabled by receiving key metrics from Horizon via new agentless data connectivity. Administrators will simply need to input the network name and authentication for Horizon to collect data. No agents required!

Comprehensive Management for Horizon

Once deployed, the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon brings in Horizon infrastructure objects; Users, Sessions, Pods, and many more into vRealize Operations. The focus for many administrators out of the gate will likely be on End User Experience, which begins with tracking user sessions.

From this view, administrators will be able to quickly pinpoint user sessions with degraded health and quickly dive into troubleshooting performance, connectivity or other issues related to the end user. Administrators can search for users by name, their VDI session or any other data relevant to their VDI session.

Capacity Management

Capacity management and optimization in a Horizon environment is more complex than a traditional perpetual server environment. Desktops & sessions could last for minutes or hours, not months or years. How can administrators understand their capacity at a glance and plan for the future?

Administrators can quickly look at individual VDI VMs or Remote Desktop Services Hosts to enable their session are optimized for their users. They can also look at Connection servers to understand how many sessions are currently connected, how many more they can support.

Want to learn more?

Customers already leveraging vRealize Operations Cloud can simply request turning on the new Management Pack for Horizon. For new customers, simply sign up for a trial of vRealize Operations Cloud to take a test drive today.


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