Following our initial launch last November, we’re excited to introduce the April release of VMware Aria Hub, a true multi-cloud management platform with centralized views and controls powered by cloud-scale, graph-based data store technology.

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What’s New – VMware Aria Hub Free Tier April Release

As announced in the press release, the April release enhances your multi-cloud management experience, by adding Google Cloud support and free multi-cloud governance capabilities from VMware Aria Guardrails, which is now also initially available!

These enhancements provide not only Cloud Ops, but also Platform Ops/Platform Engineering and DevOps/SRE teams with additional centralized views and controls to help you control costs, ensure performance, and manage consistent configuration and security policies across diverse and distributed public cloud and Kubernetes environments.

Improving multi-cloud visibility with the addition of Google Cloud support

Yes, we’ve added Google Cloud support! When we launched the Free Tier last November, it enabled you to inventory, map, filter, and search resources from up to two of your native public cloud accounts, from AWS and/or Microsoft Azure. Now you can add up to two of your native public cloud accounts to VMware Aria Hub Free Tier from any of AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. You can add two accounts from the same provider or mix one account from one of the providers and another account from another provider.

VMware Aria Hub April Release

Whether you’re using Google, AWS, or Azure, VMware Aria Hub platform helps you discover cloud resources, including applications, users and configurations, and understand the associated dependencies across your cloud environments. It provides centralized administration, helping you manage your applications, accounts, roles, projects, and workflows across your multi-cloud environment through a single interface.

Enabling Multi-Cloud Governance with VMware Aria Guardrails

We’re excited to also announce the initial availability of VMware Aria Guardrails and share that the VMware Aria Hub Free Tier April release now includes multi-cloud governance capabilities from VMware Aria Guardrails. It’s a great way to get started and experience the power of VMware Aria Guardrails for free.

VMware Aria Guardrails is a multi-cloud governance service that enables organizations to scale end-to-end policy enforcement across clouds and Kubernetes. Cloud Ops teams can consistently enforce standards that help regulate cost, reduce risks, and optimize performance across clouds, Kubernetes, and hosts.

The VMware Aria Hub Free Tier helps you gain visibility into cloud landing zone policy definitions through templates, configuration drift management, and visibility into Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark violation data* coming from VMware Aria Guardrails. (*A capability powered by VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds, which is now included with VMware Aria Guardrails.)

Subscribing to premium VMware Aria Guardrails

Read this blog to learn more about the full set of capabilities of VMware Aria Guardrails, but by subscribing to VMware Aria Guardrails, not only does it unlock the premium VMware Aria Hub (e.g. unlocks the two public cloud account limit), but you also gain full access to Policy-as-Code, Security Posture Management, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, and Host Configuration Management and Security capabilities included with the premium VMware Aria Guardrails subscription.

For example, if you subscribe to VMware Aria Guardrails, you can now act against security findings that have been surfaced by VMware Aria Hub.

Example Use Case: Suppress and Remediate Security Violations (Paid Feature)

The Free Tier gives you free access to visibility into CIS benchmark violation data coming from VMware Aria Guardrails – you can drill down to learn more about a specific finding and then decide to suppress or remediate the finding. For users who would like to take the next step, the April release now enables you to click the Suppress and Remediate buttons with a paid subscription to VMware Aria Guardrails.

VMware Aria Guardrails delivers a scalable, in-account remediation approach to help automate actions across your public cloud environments. A key aspect of this approach is its cloud permissions control policy, which enables you to manage and remediate misconfigurations with VMware Aria Guardrails while maintaining read-only access (least privileges) to your cloud accounts within the service.

Fix known violations and automate remediations to proactively resolve new violations while maintaining read-only access to your clouds. Learn more about VMware Aria Guardrails to find out how you can enhance your public cloud security posture at scale with faster response and deeper context.

More Updates! Enhanced Kubernetes Support

In addition to delivering applications across public clouds and at the edge, many organizations are increasingly using Kubernetes to manage and scale their modernized and cloud native apps. When you add a public cloud account to VMware Aria Hub Free Tier, VMware Aria Hub discovers any exiting EKS, AKS, GKE clusters. You also have the option to add one attached cluster, including a self-managed cluster.

With the March release, we’ve also added enhanced support to Kubernetes environments. You gain visibility into the performance and topology for up to one attached Kubernetes cluster with a new Kubernetes infrastructure dashboard and Kubernetes service map topology view.

Kubernetes Infrastructure Dashboard

We’ve added a new Kubernetes infrastructure dashboard, where you can review your Kubernetes environment topology and examine the resource relationship. You can get the status and state of the Kubernetes objects, as well as visibility into namespaces, services, nodes, pods, and more. You also get additional performance metrics, security findings, workload status and service maps. These capabilities help you to visualize and better understand how your Kubernetes environment is structured.

Kubernetes Service Map Topology View

With the March release, you can also visualize the network flows between Kubernetes objects. It gives you visibility into network flows between Kubernetes cluster resources. You can view cluster resources, such as namespaces, nodes, services, and pods.

The Kubernetes service map topology view allows you to identify relationships between services within a Kubernetes Cluster and entities that are external to the Kubernetes cluster. This allows you to identify dependencies between components of an application. You can also quickly identify HTTP connections with high latency or requests to allow you to drill down into performance issues within an application.

Helping you drive both innovation and cost management in today’s volatile financial environment

As you can see, we’ve enhanced the VMware Aria Hub Free Tier to help Cloud Ops teams get started with multi-cloud governance powered with intelligent insights into distributed public cloud and Kubernetes environments. VMware Aria Hub provides multi-cloud management capabilities that enable you to optimize cost, performance, and security of applications and infrastructure aligned to your business priorities. Especially in these times of increased budget scrutiny, the new visibility and governance capabilities for multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments included with VMware Aria Hub become vital for organizations focused on efficiency and scale.

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For those that have started to use VMware Aria Hub Free Tier, we’d love to hear what you’re liking / not liking, what’s working / not working, what’s missing / what you’d like to see more of. We’ve added a new feature for you to comment directly through the VMware Aria Hub Free Tier user interface. Simply rate the service and tell us what you’d like to see improved for an opportunity to earn VMware Aria collectables! Your insights are critically important, and we want to make sure we’re continually raising the bar on your experience with VMware Aria Hub. We look forward to hearing from you.

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