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What’s in a Name? Multi-Cloud Management and VMware Aria

As part of our efforts to strengthen our cloud management portfolio, we are excited to announce that we have officially renamed all products in our cloud management family to VMware Aria. This new branding strategy is aimed at making it easier to integrate our offerings more fully and align them with the Cloud Operating Model management disciplines.

We have structured the Aria family name into three product categories, namely Automation, Operations, and Cost. These categories align with our management disciplines and make it easier for our customers to understand how our offerings can benefit their cloud operations. In addition to these categories, we also have individual branded offerings and capabilities, as well as a set of suites that provide a comprehensive, integrated multi-cloud management solution from VMware.

The new branding replaces three existing cloud management brands: vRealize portfolio, CloudHealth by VMware Suite, and Tanzu Observability by Wavefront. We made this change to eliminate the increasingly artificial and inaccurate distinction across the portfolio that vRealize branded offerings are intended primarily for private and hybrid environments while CloudHealth is primarily intended for native public clouds. We recognize that multi-cloud capabilities exist across our entire set of solutions and maintaining separate brands impedes communication about the progress we have made and will continue to make in integrating our offerings more fully and developing multi-cloud capabilities across them.

The Aria family name unifies our brand and messaging, making it easier to communicate the progress and developments in our cloud management portfolio to our customers. We are excited about this change and are confident that it will strengthen our cloud management portfolio and make it easier for our customers to achieve success in their cloud operations.

For more information about VMware Aria and the portfolio products, check out these resources.


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