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Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) 101

As we head deeper into the new year, organizations are still struggling with challenges of years past – unstructured and ungoverned cloud adoption. The “move to the cloud” adoption continues to increase however, organization’s IT departments are falling behind in supporting these efforts.  

This is where a cloud center of excellence (CCoE) can help.  

CCoE Learning 101  

In case you are unfamiliar with a cloud center of excellence, a CCoE  is a cross-functional team that is tasked with supporting and governing the execution of the organization’s cloud strategy.  

Key Responsibilities of CCoE  

  • Own and execute the cloud strategy  
  • Drive collaboration and best practices across key stakeholders  
  • Evaluate and utilize technology to support business initiatives  

But what does this really mean in a day-to-day view? 

The CCoE team establishes policies and guardrails, drive collaboration and adoption of best practices across a range of disciplines – operations, finance, engineering, security – as well as evaluating and supporting the implementation of new and existing cloud technologies. The CCoE is an ongoing function with the fluctuating landscape of public and private clouds.  

Ready to learn more about a Cloud Center of Excellence and how it can benefit you?  

Get access to the 2022 Gartner® Research Report: How to Deploy a Cloud Center of Excellence today for an exclusive perspective on successfully deploying a CCoE for a deep dive on the three core pillars of a cloud center of excellence, how to set up organizations to successfully lead cloud adoption, and an action plan for executive leaders to use as a guideline for building a successful CCoE.  

Download the 2022 Gartner® Research Report: How to Deploy a Cloud Center of Excellence to learn:  

  • The three core pillars of cloud enablement – Governance, Brokerage, and Transformation 
  • Benefits of having a CCoE and how it can align to your strategic goals  
  • Key findings and recommendations for organizing IT and the business for cloud deployment  

Gartner, How to Deploy a Cloud Center of Excellence, Lydia Leong, 25 April 2022 

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