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#vRealizeChat: We Asked the Experts; Here’s What They Said.

On Wednesday, September 16, a few of our vRealize Cloud Management team members hosted a #vRealizeChat on Twitter, sharing what’s new in vRealize Cloud Management. To prepare for the 8.2 GA releases, we asked our questions to an impressive guestlist of subject matter experts, including John Dias, Sunny Dua, Thomas Bryant and Francisco Hernandez. In case you missed it, here’s what we discussed, so you can be sure you are in the know.



Welcome to the #vRealizeChat! Today, we’re discussing what’s new in @VMware #vRealizeCloudMgmt. To start, please introduce yourself and where you’re tweeting from. (Link)

(From this blog, just click on the (Link) at the end of each question to see the Q&A in Twitter.)


Q1) What is #vRealize, and why is it important to you? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • John Dias: Most importantly, #vRealize is a solution, and although each sub-product can be used standalone, the 🦾 power 🦾of the entire #vRealize family is tremendous. Manage any #Cloud with consistent IT ops, user-friendly declarative provisioning + deep network insight.
  • Sunny Dua: #vRealize is the brain that unlocks the secrets of cloud management. You can have the most expensive infrastructure on-prem or in public clouds, but to make it consumer-ready you need @vmwarecloudmgmt #vRealizeChat #VMware #vROPS #vRA #vRNI #vRLI.
  • Thomas Bryant: #vRealize is a solution for customers to transform their IT & DC operations into a full featured private/multi-cloud service for their customers. It gives customers the one resource they need more of, time.


Q2) Which new feature or update in the #vRealize portfolio are you most excited for and why? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Francisco: So many, but with #VMwareCloudMgmt, Terraform is now a first-class citizen in #vRealizeAuto, you can use Terraform Templates as a native Resource Type in your Cloud Templates, find more on 👉
  • Sunny: #vRealize has several great features but my favorite is Real-Time Observability with @VMware @vRealizeOps.

  • John: Tighter integration with #vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and #VMware Cloud Foundation to make operationalizing your #SDDC even easier. LCM is #VCF aware to consolidate deployment and management of #vRealize components. And a public API to empower #ITOps!
  • Thomas: I’m the most excited about all of the new capabilities in #vRealizeOperations, but most of all the App Discovery integration with #vRealizeNetworkInsight.
  • Peter Haagenson: I’m loving the new #vRealizeTrueVisibilitySuite! Recently acquired from @bluemedora, there is no better way to bring extensibility to #vROps.
  • Sehjung Hah:  I’m most excited about VMworld 2020 session HCMB1916 at which we’ll reveal new and exciting announcements about #vRealizeNetworkInsight.


Q3) With the recent #vRealize updates, #Kubernetes is enhanced. Can you tell us more about this integration and the newest capabilities? #vRealizeChat (Link)


  • Francisco: #vRealizeAuto enables self-service provisioning of Kubernetes namespaces via service catalog and IaC.
  • Sunny: With @VMware @vRealizeOps, we have completely enhanced the way you manage #Kubernetes. With auto-discovery of K8 clusters with Tanzu #TKGI & #TanzuMissionControl, to support for @Openshift. And yeah, @PrometheusIO support as well.

  • Thomas: Like others have said, the @PrometheusIO support is pretty epic. It’s all about auto-discovery for #Tanzu & integrations with @Openshift to boot!


Q4) Are there updates to how #vRealize supports applications, and how do these features benefits customers? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Thomas: The integrations with #vRealizeNetworkInsight are amazing. It allows for easy understanding & mapping of complex applications. There are new Management Packs and popular APM vendor integrations for @AppDynamics @datadoghq @Dynatrace!
  • Sunny: #App is KING. No business needs IT if it is not for Apps. With @vmwarecloudmgmt we provision, manage, & run app aware operations. @vRealizeOps #Cloud brings curated apps from #vRNI, #DataDog, #NewRelic, #AppD #Dynatrace #telegraf all in 1 place.


Q5) Let’s talk about clouds. How can #vRealize monitor @vmwareVCF, #VMware Cloud and beyond? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Thomas: @vRealizeOps can monitor and manage all of the major cloud providers. I’m super excited about all the new features in the #AWS Management Pack around optimization & expanded monitoring.
  • John: 👀 @vRealizeOps 8.2 cuts ✂️through ‘cloud fog’ with scope-wide metric correlation (for ANY object) and near real-time⏲️monitoring for vSphere – find & fix problems faster! We’re also adding capacity analysis for @AWS EC2 instances!

  • Sunny: Most of the @VMware customers started their journey in a private cloud and now expanding to a multi-cloud strategy. Guess what, we are ready to support their migrations to the cloud. One example is @vRealizeOps support for #AWS, #Azure & #GCP.


Q6) How can #vRealize help users get a better handle on capacity and cost management? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Thomas: To me, understanding cost is key to everything. Optimization, rightsizing, and capacity are all cost driven. @vRealizeOps gives the most holistic view into performance & cost across customers environments.
  • John: Now in @vRealizeOps 8.2 get pricing for any @VMwarevSphere workload, daily VM cost details & enhanced metering.
  • Sunny: Capacity and cost management helps you run your cloud efficiently. With @VMware @vRealizeOps and @cloudhealthtech integration, you can get the best of both worlds.


Q7) There’s a few products that have cross integrations with @vmwarecloudaws, including @vRealizeAuto, #vRLI and #vRLI Cloud. Can you explain how #vRealize and #VMWonAWS work together? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Francisco: With the click of a button, now you can set up #vRealizeAuto right from the VMC SDDC portal. 👉
  • Thomas: This is the best part of VMware products, they just work! You configure #VMWonAWS just like any other object, and #vRealize figures out the rest. Keep it simple!
  • Sehjung Hah: You’ll want to attend VCNC1710 at VMworld 2020 as a lot of the APIs for #vRealizeNetworkInsightare for #VMConAWS. And, read this blog about Importing Firewall Rules from vRNI into VMConAWS.
  • Sunny: The entire vRealize Suite is fully integrated. Here are a few examples!!


Q8) For someone just starting with @vRealizeAuto, what is the most important feature or capability? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Francisco: My fav #vRealizeAuto capabilities include: Modern Automation, Self-Service Cloud, Network Automation, DevOps for Infrastructure and Kubernetes Automation, find more on 👉
  • Thomas: To me, it has to be the workflow building in @vRealizeAuto. Being able to onboard users, reset passwords, or order a stapler is incredibly powerful. Just the time savings alone for a business can be YEARS of savings in just months.
  • Sunny: There are too many to share in a few characters. Get on @VMwareHOL to explore. All the @vmwarecloudmgmt hands-on labs curated in one place. Alternatively, you can reach our twitter handles.


Q9) How can #vRealize and @vRealizeAuto help organizations looking to improve developer productivity? #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Francisco: #vRealizeAuto applies Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provide consistent, cloud-agnostic infrastructure and Apps, mapping the DevOps cycle from Planning to the Monitor phases, more on 👉
  • John: IT should be invisible to developers – with declarative templates for any cloud, devs get what they need, when they need it. Governed by IT policy to control cost and reduce risk. @vRealizeAuto also supports CI/CD for full app lifecycle management.
  • Thomas: Remove friction! @vRealizeAuto can automate all the low value, time consuming tasks, quickly and efficiently. Let IT do what it does best, innovate new technologies! It’s a journey.
  • Sunny: It can help unlock the cloud surface for developers to consume IT services, without IT coming in the way. That’s productivity.


Q10) Last question! If #vRealizeCloudMgmt was a group of superhero characters, who would it be? Tell us in a GIF! #vRealizeChat (Link)

  • Thomas: I have to do single, so it has to be Batman. He always has the most awesome tools, the right one for the job, every time.
  • Francisco: Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian, they’re not superheroes but hey, they’re pretty awesome too, just like the #vRealizeCloudMgmt suite!
  • Sunny: #Avengers #vRealizeAvengers Wooohoo!


The #vRealizeChat was a great experience answering customer questions about what’s new in #vRealizeCloudMgmt. Definitely different than a Zoom meeting!  Thanks again for participating and feel free to ask us your questions, anytime!  Find more about #vRealize here:



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