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Importing Recommended Firewall Rules from vRealize Network Insight into VMware Cloud on AWS

vRealize Network Insight has been an instrumental tool in helping customers migrate to the cloud. Organisations have been using vRealize Network Insight to plan out their migrations and make sure the network requirements are met, and no unexpected network performance degradation happens.

Another area where vRealize Network Insight helps with migrations is the security planner. While migrating the VMs towards a new platform like VMware Cloud on AWS, you also want to make sure the VMs land securely. By implementing micro-segmentation in VMware Cloud on AWS, you make sure only the required network connections are possible, and everything else is blocked.

If you want to learn more about how vRealize Network Insight enables this security planning, check out this video.

Importing Recommended Firewall Rules

The philosophy of Network Insight is to ingest data, correlate it, and present it in a consumable way. It does not alter any configuration of any device or system. The security planner allows you to view the recommended firewall rules and export them to a generic CSV format. It was a manual exercise to get the firewall rules into the destination firewall.

With this blog post, I’m happy to announce the availability of work we’ve done with our customers to automate the import of these recommended firewall rules into VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware NSX-T. The guide, documentation, and code for this capability is available on GitHub, here: https://github.com/vrealize-network-insight/vrni-rule-import-vmc-nsxt

Trey Tyler also made an excellent video of the entire process. See how it works and how you can use it below:

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