vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

vRSLCM for vRNI Bulk Import of Data Sources


Data sources are critical components for vRNI. Upon enabling the data sources, vRNI then collects required metrics to achieve the vRNI functionalities. In vRSLCM 2.0, we have introduced ‘bulk import of data sources’ along with other vRNI life cycle management. As a single click, vRSLCM admin/user can upload the data sources in bulk and all the uploaded data sources will be enabled in vRNI.


vRNI has wide range of data sources such as switch, routers, vCenter so on. Each data source type has specific setup of configuration inputs in the UI.


Bulk Import of vRNI Data sources:

User can upload a JSON or CSV file which contains the data source details. This operation adds bulk or multiple data sources to vRNI through vRSLCM. Sample CSV file shown in the below file for structure of vRNI data source. Sample CSV file can be downloaded in vRLCM.


Figure 1: Sample Template download page for CSV

Figure 2: CSV file for bulk data source template


Figure 3: CSV file with data source filled


Figure 4: JSON sample with data sources filled


Once CSV or JSON is created for bulk data source import, it can be imported in a single click as depicted in below screenshot.

Figure 5: bulk upload data source


Manage Environments and select appropriate environment to perform the bulk import of data source. Like in below screenshot.


Figure 6: Data is populated in components


Select either CSV or JSON, it will do sanity validation upon clicking the NEXT button. Verifications on the file will be carried out such as JSON file format, size validations so on. By clicking NEXT, LCM would show the UI for all the data sources which are part of CSV or JSON.

Upon submit request, adding data sources will be started and progress will be monitored in ‘requests’ by navigating from Home and click on Request Icon on Left side pane. Once request is completed Successfully, Data Sources which are added apart of bulk import will be enabled in vRNI UI and vRNI would start collecting the data.


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