We are super excited to announce that the vRealize Cloud Universal (vRCU) services have completed the internal FedRAMP gap analysis and AWS GovCloud (US) onboarding, a major step in our FedRAMP process!  These services are now ready to start their third-party assessments, and on track for submission to the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB). 

This demonstrates VMware’s continued commitment to meeting the highest security and compliance requirements and support customers in highly regulated markets, expanding the federal government’s ability to not only run compliant workloads utilizing the vRealize suite on-premises, but now in the cloud in a secure and compliant manner.

The vRCU services completing this step include VMware vRealize Operations Cloud, VMware vRealize Automation Cloud, VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud, and VMware vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager.  Other cloud management services are also in process, and we’re targeting those for subsequent phases of our FedRAMP journey.

But what is vRealize and why do you need it?

Our government customers need the ability to maintain operational continuity and agility across the business while executing multi-month or multi-year cloud migration strategies that require flexibly navigating complex environments consisting of on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud workloads.

vRealize combines SaaS and on-premises products into one flexible cloud management suite providing you the flexibility to manage your multi-cloud environment. 

  • vRealize Automation delivers a modern infrastructure automation platform for both traditional and cloud native workloads, powered by DevOps principles and the Salt Project open source community.
  • vRealize Operations delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance—powered by AI and predictive analytics.
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud delivers centralized log management, deep operational visibility, and intelligent analytics.
  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers a comprehensive application lifecycle and content management solution for vRealize Suite.

Want to learn more about vRealize and the FedRAMP support?  Simply click here or ask your VMware sales team.


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  1. Congrats Dave and entire vRealize team for reaching Audit Ready stage! Way to GO!!! Can’t wait to see the FedRAMP Authorization 🙂 Congrats!!!!

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