Cloud Management in the world of transportation

This holiday season, many of us will be traveling using the proverbial “Planes Trains and Automobiles”. Thinking about this fact, I became curious: how much does the transportation industry rely on VMware Cloud Management solutions? Turns out, quite a bit.  To back this up, over the next few weeks we will take a look at several VMware customers in the transportation industry, to understand how they are using cloud management in modernized, more efficient hybrid cloud environments.

Infrastructure requirements of reliability and cost effectiveness in this day and age have been taken to the next level by compounded needs of delivery speed, availability of resources, and ease of deployment.  The push to cloudify is a no-brainer in reaching these goals, but not without potential challenges.

Creating solutions with Alaska Air

Alaska Air was on board with embracing a Public Cloud Environment, but faced hurdles from a heavy investment in existing database infrastructure, as well as needing to account for legacy applications in their existing tool box. Michael Jude, the Compute Platforms Manager for Alaska Air, spent some time with CIO Review explaining how some of their issues were overcome using vRealize Operations alongside other VMware products.

So enough out of me, head over to this article and hear from Michael Jude in his own words, and see how one of the best cloud travelers is getting into cloud management.

Alaska air


Next up, we will look at Automobiles with Ford Motor Company, as we discuss their digital transformation, and the key role that cloud management plays for them. Stay tuned!