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Wavefront by VMware is a SaaS-based metrics monitoring and analytics platform that handles the high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications. Wavefront by VMware’s speed, scale and flexibility allows DevOps and developer teams instant insight into the performance of their highly-distributed cloud-native services. Wavefront by VMware’s analytics, query-driven alerts, interactive visualizations, open API, and integrations, all powered by a massively scalable time-series database, delivers “the first pane of glass” visibility to help DevOps teams detect performance anomalies while enabling high availability of key cloud services. Developers can self-serve and adapt Wavefront by VMware analytics to the unique needs of their code while gaining visibility into its production behavior.

Wavefront by VMware: What does it do?


Wavefront® by VMware® is a SaaS based monitoring and analytics service that ingests a variety of data sources that are processed and stored as time-series metrics that can be analyzed, visualized, and alerted upon for optimization, status reporting, anomaly detection, and troubleshooting of modern cloud applications. The Wavefront by VMware service includes: (1) collector agents (including support for 3rd party collector agents) embedded in the customer application and/or infrastructure, (2) proxy agents that aggregate data streaming from the collector agents and securely and reliably forward the metrics to the cloud, (3) a cloud-hosted, high availability and high performance, time series database for aggregation and storage of real-time, high volume metrics, and (4) advanced query & visualization that enables queries, displays charts, and sets alarms to understand metrics.

The Wavefront by VMware platform is directly suited to large enterprise organizations with lots of development and operational engineers needing real-time access to the system with enterprise-ready scale, reliability, and performance.


Wavefront: Technical Benefits

  • Query-driven analytics: The Wavefront® by VMware® platform features over 100 analytical functions that help developers to quickly see code performance anomalies in production across the entire stack, helping them self-serve and support their code. It helps DevOps teams customize metrics-driven queries to their unique cloud services/platform environments.
  • Smart Alerts: The Wavefront® by VMware® platform empowers developers and DevOps teams to proactively monitor native-cloud application issues using advanced analytics-driven alerts, avoiding false positives. Smart proactive alerts can pinpoint code issues early before their customers are impacted.
  • Interactive dashboards: Wavefront® by VMware® helps all DevOps and developer teams investigate, iterate and share key insights. It allows metric tagging and correlation across all metric data sources within the “cloud” stack delivering the first pane of glass unified visibility for all. This insight fosters critical code, services and infrastructure troubleshooting that enables DevOps teams to resolve application issues.
  • Complete API: The Wavefront® by VMware® software allows teams to automate monitoring and integrate across DevOps functions. The Wavefront by VMware platform is extensible and allows easy integration with popular DevOps and developer tools including Pager Duty, Puppet and Chef, fostering continuous delivery principles and collaboration across teams.
    Instant high-velocity custom metrics: Wavefront® by VMware® supports ingestion and instant visualization of high-velocity metrics at millions of data points per second. Developers can add and vary new code metrics in a snap, while DevOps practitioners can monitor their cloud environments and optimize resources for growth.
  • Scale ready for enterprise adoption: Unlike open-source solutions, the Wavefront® by VMware® platform enables high availability, scale and maintenance-free monitoring, freeing teams to focus on innovation and business needs and not on maintaining tools.
  • Pre-built dashboards: In addition to custom query-driven metrics, the Wavefront® by VMware® platform delivers out-of-the-box packaged visibility, reports and alerts that help DevOps teams analyze their cloud (AWS services) performance and infrastructure cost. It also provides canned dashboards for container and microservices monitoring, supporting all container orchestration systems (e.g. Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, etc.).

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