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vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps 2.2.1 is now available!

Big news for customers who are already using or planning to use our vRealize products!

We just launched the new version of the vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps and in this blog I wanted to share what’s new. If you are interested in more news and other VMware vRealize products, please visit the website or have a look on our VMware blog.

First of all – what is the vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps?

The VMware vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps is an extensible, customizable framework that provides a set of release management processes for software-defined content with the ability to capture, version control, test, release and rollback. This management pack makes it possible to dispense with the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes currently required to manage software-defined content. Supported content includes entities from vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator and vSphere.

What’s new? 

The version v2.2.1 is primarily a maintenance release that includes many improvements from v2.1.1 that we released a couple months back. Some of those updates are:

Support for new endpoints: vCloud Director 5.5+ & vCloud Air, vRealize Operations 6.5

Group Management allows pre-captured packages to be added to a new or existing group without having to recapture the entire group. If a releasable group is being edited only releasable packages can be assigned. Allow release ordering of packages, ie: deploy vSphere templates first prior to vRA Blueprints. Have the ability to assign specific captured package versions as well.

Ability to release content in a group either by the captured versions stored within the group or deploy latest version within the group.

Added hook that allows replacement of approvals with a custom workflow Support for vCloud-vAppTemplate & vCloud-Media Package Types

Support for Files-Windows Package Type in which each CIFS share represents a package.

vRealize Operations Endpoints can now run under a non root account (refer to Operations Guide for prerequisites.)

Added support for custom approvals.

If you are interested in more information on vRealize Code Stream or vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps, please have a look into our current datasheet, join our Slack channel, or visit the product website and of course you can download the vRealize Management Pack for IT DevOps here.

Additionally, we have a webcast coming up on April 19th to provide you an overview on the latest version of our management pack, to register for the webcast, please click here.


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