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Announcing New VMware Cloud Management Capabilities

I’m pleased to announce that VMware Cloud Management continues to bring innovation to our customers for consistent operations across private, hybrid, and multiple public clouds thru our latest releases. Moving to multi-cloud has become an executive priority. There is widespread recognition that modern organizations will run on modern apps, and modern apps will need to run on a mix of clouds. The bottom line: multi-cloud means future-ready.  Respondents to the 2021 VMware Benchmark of Cloud and Applications study said:

80% have a distributed model for cloud apps
across public, private and edge environments

Although, there are challenges that can complicate a multi-cloud environment, and – interestingly – survey respondents also said their goal for an app-focused future includes:

¾ will deploy a unified management system
for clouds, networks, and data centers

The challenges of a multi-cloud environment can be overcome with a robust multi-cloud management solution. Specifically, a single management model can break down cloud silos, improve visibility, and deliver consistency across a multi-cloud environment. Hence, we’re pleased our VMware Cloud Management releases continue to deliver on these outcomes with enhanced features, additional SaaS regional support, extensibility for managed service providers, additions to our hybrid license, a bi-directional approach for multi-cloud, and new proactive support capabilities. Read the following blogs with all the details.

Get the Details

vRealize 8.5 Releases

  • vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Operations 8.5
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud
  • vRealize AI Cloud
  • vRealize Cloud Universal
  • Read the blog

vRealize True Visibility Suite for Dell EMC VMAX to include PowerMax

vRealize Network Insight Cloud and vRealize Network Insight 6.3

Introducing the vRealize Operations Integration for CloudHealth

Skyline Support for vRealize Automation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and more

Ultimate Flexibility

Furthermore, VMware uniquely offers our customers the flexibility to choose consumption options of on-premises and SaaS vRealize Cloud Management, along with a hybrid subscription of both in a single license. It’s called VMware vRealize Cloud Universal.  It enables you to adopt a cloud-first model at your own pace while protecting existing investments as well as flex for data center extension and during uncertain cloud adoption schedules. Be sure to read about the exciting new additions, and if you’re interested in getting started today, you can request a demo.

Customer Experiences

In case you missed the quarterly VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing, please take a few minutes to see Purnima Padmanabhan, Senior Vise President and GM of Cloud Management, discuss the cloud operating model and how it’s powered by a modern, multi-cloud management solution.

Plus, hear from two customers, GFK and Salesforce, talk about their direct experiences with VMWare Cloud Management.

Ismar Efendic, IT Infrastructure Manager, GFK
GFK harnesses the power of multi-cloud management for data science innovation

Jenna Gegg, Public Cloud Cost Manager, Salesforce
Salesforce optimizes multi-public cloud spending with CloudHealth by VMWare

More About VMware Cloud Management

VMware Cloud Management is the industry’s leading unified multi-cloud management solution for the delivery and management of IT services across private, hybrid, and native public clouds. Comprised of VMware’s vRealize, CloudHealth and Skyline offerings, it enables customers to embrace a cloud operating model to drive innovation and support their digital transformation initiatives. 

Through consistent operations across all cloud environments, customers gain agility and flexibility. Additionally, they can speed up delivery of infrastructure and application services through policy-based automation and governance. Customers can manage and optimize cloud costs by simplifying financial management and driving accountability. And, they can reduce risks by strengthening security and compliance.

Organizations of all sizes trust VMware Cloud Management for the most comprehensive capabilities with ultimate flexibility of deployment options.

For more information about our portfolio, visit these webpages:


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