As you may recall, in the first Predictive DRS management blog post we discussed the three different methodologies that can be deployed to avoid contention, the value of each of them brings to the table and why its important to deploy all three in your datacenter.  In this blog and in the video below will focus on a Predictive DRS walk through showing how simple it is to configure the Predictive DRS feature in both vRealize Operations 6.4 and vSphere 6.5.  This  walk through will also serve as a great demonstration of the solution and give you a view into how it all comes together.  After watching the video you should be easily able to configure it in your environment and start seeing the benefits of Predictive DRS.

So as you can see Predictive DRS is a game changer but you will need all three risk mitigation methods are required to fully manage contention. Fortunately, VMware DRS and vRealize Operations offer all three, in one cohesive solution.



You do not have to settle for one or the other and most importantly you are in control with vRealize Operations and VMware DRS.  For more information on the latest vRealize Operations release please read the vRealize Operations 6.4 blog.


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