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vRealize Operations 6.4: Supercharge your SDDC Intelligent Operations

Download vRealize Operations 6.4 to Optimize Resource Utilization, Boost Cross Domain Collaboration, Lower Mean Time to Resolution

vRealize Operations 6.4, released November 15 2016, takes Intelligent Operations for your Software Defined Data Center to a whole new level by delivering-

  • Optimal Resource Utilization: Predictive DRS boosts resource utilization by factoring in utilization trends from vRealize Operations into vSphere 6.5 Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).
  • Cross Domain Collaboration: Role-based out of the box dashboards further boost collaboration between the management, capacity planning, storage and helpdesk teams and VM owners by allowing them to effectively share operational data.
  • Lower Mean Time to Resolution: vRealize Operations 6.4 provides guided troubleshooting workflows with high resolution metrics and events correlated across the stack. It also provides alert grouping and business context awareness with support for vSphere VM folders.


vRealize Operations 6.4: Optimize Resource Utilization

By combining DRS capabilities of vSphere 6.5 with historical trends, KPIs and analytics from vRealize Operations 6.4, users can get three ways for avoiding/resolving resource contention-

  1. Reactive: The vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) capability resolves unexpected resource demand by moving VMs within a cluster when contention begins.
  2. Balance: By combining vSphere DRS and vRealize Operations Work Load Placement (WLP) capabilities, VI admins can balance utilization by moving VMs between clusters, thereby mitigating resource contention risk.
  3. Predictive: In Predictive DRS, resource utilization trends from vRealize Operations 6.4 are sent to vSphere 6.5 DRS. This predictive demand of workloads is incorporated into DRS algorithms to provide faster balancing and better performance.

The SDDC virtual infrastructure (VI) teams will ultimately use a combination of these three approaches to avoid and resolve contention in their data centers, and Predictive DRS is a powerful addition to the toolbox for VI teams looking to optimize resource utilization and minimize business impact from resource contention.

To learn more about Predictive DRS, click here to visit the technical deep dive blog.


vRealize Operations 6.4: Boost Cross Domain Collaboration

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture is most efficient when teams across domains – management, capacity planning, storage and helpdesk – are working together, collaborating to plan their infrastructure components and to resolve issues. vRealize Operations 6.4 provides new out of the box role-based dashboards to facilitate sharing of operational data between these cross domain teams.

  • Infrastructure Dashboards provide cluster, datastore and ESXi configuration and performance views
  • VM Dashboards provide quick access to VM specific configuration and usage data
  • Capacity and Operations Overview Dashboards provide outcome based information for capacity planning and troubleshooting across the SDDC. Additionally, the Troubleshoot a VM Dashboard provides information based on operational questions such as –
    • Is there datastore latency?
    • Why is the VM slow?
    • Any known critical issues?


vRealize Operations 6.4: Reduce Mean Time To Resolution

Legacy data center management tools provide basic level 1 alerts based on trigger events. This approach leads to alert storms where a single event can cause multiple alerts to trigger and get lost in the noise. Identifying the alert that helps pinpoint the exact issue that caused the problem is like finding a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, even if the right alert is found, there is no information about potential fixes or business context.

Using vRealize Operations 6.4, you can reduce the mean time to resolution and meet your service SLAs by using-

  • Alert Grouping to group alerts by their definition, helping you to isolate the actual underlying issues from symptoms
  • Business Context Awareness with support for vSphere VM Folders helps you search for problematic VMs by app names and a new resource details page shows alerts on child VMs
  • Guided troubleshooting workflows provide high resolution metrics, event correlation across the stack and suggested recommendations to increase troubleshooting efficiency


More technical deep dive blogs will follow soon with details on using each feature.

vRealize Operations, along with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud Standard, provides Intelligent Operations for the SDDC. To learn more about the latest vRealize Log Insight 4.0 release, click here.


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