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What’s new with digital employee experience at VMware Explore 2022

As you’ve heard at VMware Explore this year, hybrid work is not going away. In fact, it continues to be imperative for organizations to support remote work in order to attract and retain top talent. How do organizations set themselves up for success? With a focus on digital employee experience (DEX).

Digital employee experience is the pulse of an organization. It encompasses all of an employee’s interactions with the tools and resources they need to do their job, and it empowers workers daily. A focus on DEX doesn’t just mean delivering great experiences to your employees, but also requires careful consideration of the tools you have in place for your IT and service desk teams. These resources should allow them to measure the employee experiences they’ve delivered, improve experiences when necessary, and enable them to remediate issues seamlessly — all powered by data science to help IT scale and to reduce employee downtime. Giving IT the tools to manage, measure, and automate the employee experiences they deliver has a direct impact on employee experience and productivity.

VMware offers a comprehensive DEX solution, which delivers employee lifecycle services, measures employee experiences quantitatively and qualitatively, analyzes the environment for experience detractors, and remediates issues when they do arise. We are excited to continue to help organizations ensure great digital employee experiences as a part of our ongoing releases.

Today, we will focus on three areas and their related announcements.

DEX for all personas and use cases

First, VMware is continuing to broaden the coverage of its DEX solutions beyond Workspace ONE UEM managed devices to now include VMware Horizon, third-party managed and unmanaged devices, and frontline devices. This expansion will better support remote, hybrid, and frontline workers. It will also allow VMware to supply the most comprehensive endpoint analytics, creating a rich experience score that includes both quantitative and qualitative inputs (provided by built-in survey capability).

All this telemetry will augment the IT helpdesk experience, by providing a single view across devices, network, apps, and user feedback for more comprehensive issue troubleshooting. The reality is that enterprise environments are complex, and many organizations support personal and corporate devices; mobile, desktop, and thin clients; virtual, SaaS, and native apps; remote, hybrid, and frontline employees; and more. All these permutations are difficult to track. Being able to measure and ensure great, productive experiences for the entire workforce from a single pane of glass is critical to success.

Today, we are announcing that our recent Workspace ONE for Horizon integration will be expanded to provide employee experience scores for Horizon, available soon.

Delivering curated experiences including Horizon through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will make it seamless for employees to work from anywhere, on any device.

Intelligence Guided Root Cause Analysis

Second, we are delivering an improved service desk experience for proactive IT with Intelligence Guided Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and the ITSM Connector. Scaling the helpdesk to support more devices, apps, and networks has been an ongoing challenge for organizations since the increase in hybrid work started. 

With Guided RCA, now Generally Available, machine learning algorithms help IT correlate all the relevant data points to recommend possible causes with probability assigned. This can help IT solve issues more quickly, create automations to prevent other users from experiencing the issue, and restore productivity for impacted employees.

The ITSM Connector supports service desk employees by bringing in Workspace ONE telemetry and the ability to initiate Assist remote support sessions within ServiceNow.

DEEM Frontline Solutions Pack

Finally, a DEEM Frontline Solutions Pack empowers organizations supporting a frontline workforce with specific dashboards, analytics, and more right out of the box. This new release supports measuring and improving the most mission critical deployments by optimizing device performance and refresh cycles, monitoring performance of critical application flows, accountability for shared devices to prevent loss, and more. The Frontline Solutions Pack is available now.

Learn more about DEX

A focus on digital employee experience is critical for every organization’s IT department. With Workspace ONE, you can easily start delivering, measuring, analyzing, and remediating, no matter where you are on your end-user computing journey. Learn more about DEX here.

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