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You can now measure employee sentiment with micro-surveys in Workspace ONE

Given the growing focus on Digital Employee Experience (DEX), companies are seeking solutions that will help deliver the best digital experience for their employees to stay productive and engaged. An important factor in delivering DEX is the ability to measure whether you are successfully achieving a high-quality employee experience. Existing telemetry like application performance, device health, and OS stability gives insight into quantitative data points that IT admins can use to determine if apps and devices are performing well.

However, to truly gain a holistic understanding of employee experience and know if you are fulfilling your Experience Level Agreements (XLA), organizations will need to collect qualitative user feedback as well. This will provide greater visibility into employees’ true levels of engagement and productivity, and is an important element in a successful distributed work environment.

As announced at VMworld, the ability to run micro-surveys and collect qualitative sentiment data is now available as part of the Workspace ONE Intelligence Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution. For IT admins or teams who are responsible for surveys, the DEEM micro-survey solution allows you to configure contextual surveys to gather end-user sentiment about apps and devices, analyze results, and make data-driven decisions.

Sentiment gathered from surveys can help admins justify actions for higher return on investments (ROI). For example, if the IT team is spending money on two similar productivity apps and they observe an increase in usage of one app and decrease in the other, they can send a survey asking employees about the two apps. This can help the IT team decide whether they should standardize on one app or keep both, potentially decreasing the costs with maintaining two apps.

The end-user experience for the DEEM micro-survey solution is powered by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Surveys are sent as Hub notifications to your targeted Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices, where users receive a push notification for a seamless experience.. Clicking on that native notification will direct the user to the survey in the For You tab of Intelligent Hub.

Let’s walk through how DEEM micro-surveys can alleviate some challenges that impact employee productivity and how you can start using micro-surveys in your DEX solution today.

How can DEEM micro-surveys supplement your survey solution?

From quantitative data, IT professionals can assess whether they are facing technology disruptions or if apps and devices are performing as expected. Regardless of the scenario, they will want to understand if this is impacting employee productivity by reaching out to employees for direct feedback, which introduces the need for survey tools.

Survey tools today are unable to achieve comprehensive user sentiment for a few reasons. First, the process to collect user feedback is inefficient because surveys are not always contextual. If an app crashes, employees may be sent a survey about the problem after it has been resolved so their response may not reflect their feelings during the time of issue. There is also a lack of visibility and user response to surveys. With email being a common channel for surveys to be distributed, it is easy for employees to miss a survey in their inbox. Low survey response rates make it challenging to gauge true sentiment because it is not representative of employees. 

DEEM micro-surveys can help address these challenges by allowing admins to configure contextual surveys to be sent based on filters. For example, admins can define filter criteria to include only the 3% of Mac devices that have been affected by an OS crash or, as the image below demonstrates, target Android Zebra devices with older batteries enrolled in a specific organization group to ask if the check-out process may be taking too long on that device.

Getting started

How can you leverage DEEM surveys today? There are several ways customers can get started.

Create and send surveys

Don’t wait for tickets to come in from employees complaining about an app crash or devices with poor battery health or rely on users to report that an issue is disrupting them. Instead, you can proactively send a survey to end-users if you observe an unusual event in existing data.

You can easily configure surveys on Workspace ONE Intelligence by defining your notification settings and survey contents. Choose from one of the many question templates we offer for a quick start or enter your custom questions and answers. Once your survey is created, target eligible devices for the survey by adding an automation workflow and defining the filters. Finally, publish your survey. The survey will be sent as a notification to end users on Intelligent Hub and end users can find it in the For You tab.

Measure and analyze survey results

In Workspace ONE Intelligence, DEEM micro-survey responses are consolidated and displayed in dashboards so admins can easily analyze the survey data and attain real-time visibility into end-user sentiment. View survey aggregate responses through graphs and charts or delve into the details of user responses for each survey question. To track user sentiment alongside app or device performance, create custom dashboards with widgets that visualize survey, app, and device data.

Remediate issues

Now that you have analyzed the user responses, it leads to the question: How do I help remediate the issues employees are facing? Using the automation engine in Workspace ONE Intelligence, you can configure out-of-the-box or custom workflows and tie user survey responses to your organization’s current processes, including 3rd party integrations, to remediate an issue. For example, if a user responds that their device’s poor battery health is affecting their ability to work productively, you want to ensure that a help desk ticket is submitted for the end-user and ensure that their device issue gets addressed.

Follow-up with employees

If you have submitted a ticket to address an employee’s device or app issue, you can follow-up with the employee by sending a short survey asking to confirm if their problem has been resolved and if it was effectively handled. This can close the loop on whether the recommended fix was successful.

To get started with sending surveys, the following are questions you can ask your employees to assess if their devices, apps, and employee experience are meeting their satisfaction:

For devices, you can ask:

  • How satisfied are you with the performance of your mobile device?
  • Your desktop battery health seems to be in poor state, is this impacting your productivity?

And for app campaigns or app performance, you can ask:

  • What feature do you find the most valuable with this productivity app?
  • How likely are you to recommend this app to a colleague?
  • How satisfied are you with the performance of this app?
  • Do you prefer App 1 or App 2?

Learn more

Using both quantitative and qualitative metrics will allow you to represent an accurate picture of your organization’s digital employee experience and most importantly, enable you to make decisions to improve that experience. Leverage DEEM surveys in Workspace ONE Intelligence today to measure user sentiment in your organization.

Customers who have access to the DEEM solution as a part of Workspace ONE Intelligence and Workspace ONE Hub Services, can use the survey feature today. Survey notifications are supported across desktop and mobile Intelligent Hub platforms. To learn more about DEEM micro-surveys, read the product documentation and review the demo video below.