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Using Workspace ONE Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) to improve employee experience on macOS

VMware Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM), powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence, collects data from endpoint devices through Workspace ONE, Workspace ONE Intelligence, and other VMware solutions and tools. Using this data, DEEM applies state-of-the-art analytics to pinpoint and diagnose current and potential problems so they can be solved proactively by IT teams before they negatively impact productivity and employee satisfaction. As critical as it is to keep employees happy, DEEM can help organizations accomplish even more than that. The purpose of this blog is to touch on the value DEEM brings for companies that manage Macs.

Find underperforming devices

Imagine an end user receiving this phone call:

“Hello, this is John from IT. It looks like you’ve been having some issues with Microsoft OneNote and Teams on your Mac. Have these apps been crashing on you? Have you been experiencing long load times?”

“YES, John! It’s been driving me crazy; I’ve been meaning to call you about it but haven’t had the time to get around to it! How did you know?”

“We’re always working to make sure everyone’s device is running great! By the way, you’re overdue for a laptop upgrade, so I shipped a new MacBook Pro out to you yesterday, and you should get it by tomorrow morning. You’ll have an automated over-the-air setup that should take just a few minutes out of the box. Then you’ll be up and running right away.”

“WOW, you all are FANTASTIC!”

“Why, thank you, we do our best.”

Admins will tell you they’d rather have this conversation with employees than a reactive conversation. Proactive support reduces time lost in the day to find contact information and place a call or chat, answer a dozen or more questions related to an issue, and wait days for a resolution.

Employees expect their Macs to perform their jobs effectively and frustration-free. However, some devices (old and new) may experience long loading times or frequent crashes. IT teams can pinpoint these malfunctioning Macs and remotely diagnose the problem and remediate it with automation. Remediation by way of hardware upgrades (such as a more performant hardware configuration) can make employees feel almost pampered by comparison. 

A dashboard widget showing macOS devices needing a refresh by model

Don’t just monitor endpoints, monitor apps as well

Of course, it’s possible apps are crashing not because they’re running on underperforming devices but because of other issues such as network performance, app/OS compatibility and more. DEEM keeps track of app issues like crashes and hangs, collecting the data in a single error tab for viewing. Telemetry allows you to break the data down by macOS version, models, app version, etc. The analytics in DEEM can intelligently group crashes together based on various criteria, and additional available data about active users and active usage can help understand performance issues.

Monitor active usage of applications

These capabilities help monitor not only the health of critical apps, but can also help IT teams with change management efforts related to app migration. When moving to a new collaboration platform (for example, from Teams to Zoom), how many employees are using the new platform versus the old? How many are still using the old one only, and how many are using both? DEEM provides usage data and ratios such as daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU), and with information about the health of the new app at your fingertips, you can make a highly informed decision about app maintenance, support and migration.

Compare usage between two collaboration apps to understand the status of your migration

Monitor OS updates

macOS updates sometimes fail or break existing applications, causing employees and IT admins similar frustration. While Workspace ONE facilitates OS update testing by admins before roll-out, issues can still occur depending on individual device setups. DEEM allows admins to monitor macOS adoption with out-of-the-box dashboards and prioritize needed support.


We’ve touched on just a few ways Mac admins can use DEEM to make everyday life easier and better for both employees and IT teams.  We encourage you to take the time to learn more about this solution with the following resources:

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