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Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence for VMware Horizon – Insights and Analytics for Your Horizon Environment

Workspace ONE Intelligence delivers insights, analytics and automation for the Workspace ONE platform, and empowers our customers to improve employee experience, streamline IT operations and enhance security.

Today we are excited to announce that Workspace ONE Intelligence will soon support VMware Horizon, bringing the advanced Workspace ONE Intelligence capabilities to Horizon customers and delivering insights and analytics for both physical devices and virtual desktops through a single pane of glass.

By integrating Horizon data into Workspace ONE Intelligence, IT admins will be able to get visibility into mobile devices, physical and virtual desktops and applications in a single, centralized location. This end-to-end visibility will enable admins to streamline management and get a holistic view of user experience in their organization.

Advanced analytics

Workspace ONE Intelligence ingests data from multiple sources, including Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, third-party systems and now from VMware Horizon as well. It analyzes and correlates the data and delivers insights in the forms of reports, dashboards and scores.

Soon with Horizon data, IT admins will get visibility over system health, resource consumption, metrics on Horizon pods, user sessions, capacity and more.

Monitoring session statistics.

Alerts and notifications

With Workspace ONE Intelligence, admins can now set up custom alerts and get notified through third-party tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, or email.

In addition, customers will soon be able to leverage Insights and Anomaly Detection, a new capability we just announced at VMworld. In a nutshell, Insights will automatically calculate a normal range for each parameter using machine learning models, identify anomalies and notify admins when a parameter is out of normal range, saving admins time from pre-defining and setting up alerts.

Monitoring logon duration.

Digital employee experience

By leveraging the Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution in Workspace ONE Intelligence for Horizon, IT admins will be able to monitor Horizon KPIs impacting employee experience such as login duration, CPU and memory utilization, disk latency, app performance, session errors and failures and more.

DEEM already delivers a unified experience score and enables IT admins to proactively identify issues and remediate with automation.

Fast remediation

Workspace ONE Intelligence currently offers not only analytics and insights, but also robust troubleshooting capabilities for remediation. With the recently released feature Incidents, IT admins can perform guided root cause analysis with contextual dashboards and recommendations and leverage the automation engine for remediation and user notification.

Learn more

We are very excited to soon expand Workspace ONE Intelligence and its Digital Employee Experience capabilities to Horizon environments and bring holistic insights and analytics, as well as employee experience management across physical and virtual endpoints.

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