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What’s New with Digital Employee Experience Management at VMworld 2021

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) has been an especially important area of focus for our customers in the last 18 months. It seems like almost every company nowadays is looking at ways to improve employee experience and productivity and create an environment that enables employees to feel comfortable and engaged, especially when working remotely.

Most tools in the market today allow you to track environment variables and provide some level of automation for remediation, but to truly deliver exceptional digital employee experience you need a platform that will help you transform your IT support model from reactive to proactive, genuinely listen to employees and solve their digital issues before they even become issues.

To help our customers on this journey, today at VMworld 2021, we announced that we will be bringing many new capabilities to our Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution. DEEM, launched in 2020, is seeing tremendous adoption among our customers who are leveraging the solution for a wide range of use cases.

Employee Sentiment 

Many tools today track environment KPIs that impact employee experience such as device health, OS crashes, logon/logoff duration and so on. However, this quantitative data might not represent a true picture of the overall perceived employee experience.

With our new employee sentiment capabilities in DEEM, you will be able to gather employee feedback through qualitative in-context surveys, that are powered by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. This feedback is then incorporated into the employee experience score for a holistic employee experience visibility and allows you to communicate remediation in real time or provide employees with self-help options based on their responses.

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Insights and Anomaly Detection 

Today, admins can set up alerts based on user defined thresholds. But for that they need to know what they want to monitor, what is the normal range for that parameter and for what values they want to be alerted.

Insights and anomaly detection will bring a completely new approach to alerting. By leveraging machine learning models, Insights will calculate a normal range for each parameter. It will then trigger automatic alerts for anomalous values that are outside the range. Since this is based on continuous learning, it will help IT to cut through the noise by surfacing only what really matters, reduce maintenance of adjusting thresholds over time and enable IT to eliminate the guess work in setting up alerts.

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Guided Root Cause Analysis and Remediation 

Incidents is a recently released capability within DEEM that contains all the information relevant for the issue at hand in a contained environment, including custom dashboards and widgets, collaboration and remediation.

We are working to add data-driven root cause analysis (RCA) capabilities to Incidents. This will enable IT to automate incident management with contextual dashboards relevant to the issue, leverage machine learning models to surface the relevant diagnostic information and reduce time to resolution with remediation recommendations and self-healing workflows. 

Employee sentiment, machine learning enabled anomaly detection and guided root cause analysis are expected to be available soon.

Edge Network Intelligence Integration 

In an era that many employees still work remotely, whether from home or from edge locations, and a future of a hybrid work environment, IT has less control over network issues and as a result less visibility into how they impact employee experience and productivity.

Our upcoming integration with VMware Edge Network Intelligence (ENI) will allow DEEM to track network performance across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN, so that IT can gain unified visibility in a single tool across applications, devices and network with a holistic employee experience score. IT will be able to proactively identify and resolve issues caused by network performance. This integration is expected to be available in the near future. 

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Learn More 

We are very excited about these innovations we bring to DEEM, and the possibilities they open up for our customers to take employee experience to the next level. To learn more about it, make sure to check out these VMworld sessions:

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