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Our Favorite End-User Computing, UEM, and VDI Resources

As part of my role in product marketing here at VMware, I am often asked for links to articles and other resources covering our products and the EUC industry in general.

So, here are all of our favorite resources for VMware Workspace ONE, Horizon, EUC, UEM, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), MDM, BYOD, and all that stuff. Whether you’re new to EUC or VMware products, or you just need some handy bookmarks, this is the place!

This article was last updated in March 2021, and originally published in January 2021.

Components of the Workspace ONE Platform 

One of the first questions people have is what’s the difference between all the components of Workspace ONE and Horizon—especially if they’re also thinking of our previous product names like AirWatch and View.

Workspace ONE is the umbrella name that we use to describe our digital workspace platform. It includes several different components, listed below.

Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management is our product for device and application management. It provides management for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, rugged devices, Linux, wearable devices, and more. It also can manage mobile and desktop apps, as well as our productivity apps such as Intelligent Hub and Boxer. This product grew out of AirWatch, which we acquired back in 2014. If you’ve heard of MDM, MAM, EMM, UEM, or other mobile device management acronyms, they all apply to Workspace ONE UEM.

VMware Horizon is our desktop virtualization platform for VDI software and virtual apps. This VDI solution includes Horizon 8, Horizon Cloud, the Horizon Control Plane, VMware App Volumes, and Dynamic Environment Manager. Some of you might be more familiar with the old names, including VMware View, but these days it’s just VMware Horizon. The Horizon team is currently running a special series of blog posts on the Horizon Control Plane to help familiarize readers with the VDI environment.

Many customers got their start with either Horizon or Workspace ONE UEM, but the Workspace ONE offers several more components. They all work together and augment each other in various ways, which is why you’ll hear us refer to it as the Workspace ONE platform. Here are some of the main parts:

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is our digital workspace app, available on operating systems like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and via a web browser. This digital workspace can be used both on managed and unmanaged / BYOD devices. We have a full suite of productivity apps, including our Boxer email app, as well as Web, Content, and other apps.

Workspace ONE Access (formerly VMware Identity Manager) can be used to integrate Workspace ONE with your directory and identity providers, and control access to applications.

Workspace ONE Intelligence aggregates and analyses data from all across Workspace ONE, and applies it to security, employee experience, and IT operates use cases. One of the top parts of Intelligence is our Digital Employee Experience Management product; for a summary of what’s new, read “Year in Review: Top 10 Workspace ONE Intelligence Announcements in 2020.” There’s also a version of intelligence oriented at developers, for analytics in consumer mobile apps.

Workspace ONE Assist provides remote  support on desktops and mobile devices, especially important with so many more people working outside of offices these days.

VMware Unified Access Gateway enables remote access to internal resources for Horizon and Workspace ONE.

You’ll hear us talk about various outcomes and initiatives that customers can address using Workspace ONE, including employee experience, Zero Trust security, IT modernization, business continuity, remote work, and more.

The absolutely essential videos and blogs

Whenever someone wants to learn about Workspace ONE and EUC, I always send them something that looks like this list of articles and videos.

First, head to the Digital Workspace Tech Zone and browse around the articles and videos, and be sure to visit the VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon Reference Architecture.

For a summary of recent EUC trends, read “I talked to 100+ customers in 2020. Here’s what I learned about their 2021 EUC plans.” This was written by Brian Madden, who works in the Office of the EUC CTO.

For all of our big EUC announcements from VMworld 2020, watch the Digital Workspace Solutions Keynote (free registration required) or read our blog post VMworld 2020: All of Our EUC Announcements, Themes & Everything Else You Need to Know.

Besides the VMworld Keynote, there’s also a deep library of VMworld EUC sessions. In particular, I recommend our community-oriented DeskCon and VDIscover tracks.

VMworld 2021 will be online, running October 5 – 7, 2021.

Digital Workspace Tech Zone

The VMware EUC technical marketing team runs a very useful site with lots of guides and deep dives called the Digital Workspace Tech Zone. Tech Zone (as we call it) includes a great blog and podcast. Seriously, the Tech Zone team is super sharp, and their content is just great.

Tech Zone has a lot of videos giving overviews of all of our products and updates, but one set that I’ll call out is “The Ascent! Future-Ready Now with Workspace ONE.” (Blog post | YouTube playlist.) This series covers building a Workspace ONE environment from the ground up, and focuses on the transition from PCLM to Windows 10 modern management.

The Tech Zone team is also responsible for the VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon Reference Architecture that I linked above.

More VMware EUC resources

For our official documentation, see

Workspace ONE and Horizon has a beta program so that customers can test out our new cloud-based features. Read the beta program blog post and sign up at the VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program form.

We have Workspace ONE forums and Horizon forums at the VMware Technology Network.

Our adoption and change management team has a set of Workspace ONE adoption resources, and an end-user facing website at

Social links

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This guide was created on January 4, 2021, and last updated on March 19, 2021.

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