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Delivering the Digital Workspace: The Transformation of EUC

Heading to VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas? You won’t want to miss the news and announcements in the VMware End-User Computing (EUC) Spotlight Session.

EUC Spotlight Session1Delivering the Digital Workspace: The Transformation of EUC

Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 1 p.m.
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Updated Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide

The VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT), a VMware Fling, helps optimize the performance of Windows-based virtual desktops used with View in VMware Horizon 7, VMware Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Apps, and VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode.

The recently published update of the VMware Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide (OSOT Guide), which documents the use of the OSOT, includes several changes from the previous version of the guide.

  • Discussion of Windows optimization in general has been removed so that the OSOT Guide can focus on the OSOT itself.
  • Clarifications to procedures and user interface descriptions in many areas have been provided.
  • Features new to the OSOT since the last version of the guide have been documented.

This version of the OSOT Guide is the first major rewrite since 2015. It is accurate as of version b1057 of the OSOT, which was released in February of this year. The current version of the OSOT, released just last week, is b1080. Why is there this discrepancy?

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EUC #GameChangers: Disrupting the Status Quo & Changing the Game

VMware EUC GameChangers Teaser#GameChangers:

a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

When Pokémon Go launched, they had over 100 million daily active users worldwide—within six days! This was game-changing for augmented reality. And game-changers don’t come around every day.

Innovative technology leaders must tackle things in a new way, see things that others don’t and demonstrate an uncanny ability to execute on their vision. This almost always means getting rid of the old way of doing things in favor of something new and much, much better.

We are excited to highlight our most innovative customer stories in a new series: #GameChangers. Continue reading

The Next Wave: Enterprise-Grade Monitoring with NVIDIA GRID vGPU & VMware Horizon 7

Here at VMware, we’ve set out to enable workplace mobility by delivering rich, immersive virtual workspaces powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology. Today, we’re vmware horizon with nvidia grid videoexcited to share that NVIDIA is announcing the next wave of innovation with its latest release—bringing enterprise-grade management tools to market to provide IT granular insight into the vGPU.

In a world where two times as many apps demand GPU acceleration today versus five years ago, it’s paramount we deliver an exceptional virtual user experience. Furthermore, 78% of IT professionals plan to virtualize desktops and apps this year, and NVIDIA’s latest monitoring tools will enable IT to proactively manage growing demand.

Our joint solution allows customers to leverage the best of both worlds by reducing cost, while delivering an exceptional user experience. Horizon, powered by Blast Extreme together with NVIDIA GRID, is the ideal solution to deliver high performance virtual workspace and significantly reduce latency and bandwidth consumption. Continue reading

Extending the Value of VMware App Volumes Using StacksWare

As we build out our real-time application delivery platform with VMware App Volumes, we are always thinking about what the next stop on the innovation train is going to look like. We want app volumes stackswareto keep delighting customers with features that continue to ease application delivery and lifecycle management in VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and other desktop and application environments. But we also need to be thinking broader as we try to develop features that add value to App Volumes. That’s where our partner ecosystem comes into play.

We look for partners who can easily add capabilities to the App Volumes platform to make our customers lives easier. An example of a great partner we’ve worked with recently is StacksWare. The capabilities StacksWare adds to App Volumes provides instant value for our customers. Let me explain. Continue reading

Using Windows Network Settings with VMware Horizon FLEX

Xisheng Zhangby Xisheng Zhang, VMware End-User Computing (EUC) staff engineer

VMware Horizon FLEX allows companies to remotely control and manage virtual machines (VMs). The Horizon FLEX security policies are primarily for managing the virtual ports and controlling the flow of data in and out of the virtual desktop container, for instance blocking copy/paste, drag and drop and USB device sharing. However, you may also want to limit your FLEX virtual machines to specified websites or limited firewall rules.

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If you’re running Windows inside the virtual machines, you can still use all the finer controls that come with Windows. Below are instructions for some of the network settings you can apply to domain-joined Horizon FLEX virtual machines. These settings are not specific to Horizon FLEX but we thought our customers would appreciate having them handy.

These instructions work whether the end user is an administrator or standard user on the virtual machine operating system (OS).

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3 Game-Changing Windows 10 Benefits for Unified Endpoint Management

windows 10 benefits vmware end user computingMicrosoft launched its Windows 10 Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, and the massive Windows 10 benefits for end-user computing (EUC) just got even bigger.

Windows 10 was the catalyst for what we in the EUC industry waited for years to finally achieve. Windows 10 is such a big deal for our industry, because it practically eliminates the need for desktop and mobile silos in IT. You don’t need one silo for Windows PCs, another for mobile and another for apps. All of this comes together in one management structure with Windows 10.

We here at VMware call this unified endpoint management (UEM). What that means is a single, dynamic operating environment for ALL devices and ALL apps, with security and identity deeply integrated throughout it all. Windows 10 is a huge part of that next-generation unified architecture.

Here are the three game-changing Windows 10 benefits for UEM:

1. Cost/Complexity of Apps & Patch Management

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Dispelling 6 Common Myths of Application Management

The world of virtual desktop (VDI) and published/remote application environments has certainly come a long way. Centralized and server-based computing started out with apps being executed on vmworld 2016 square CTA learn moreservers and published for end users to access locally. Then came desktop virtualization in the form of both persistent and non-persistent pool deployments.

Today, we are on the cusp of an even more exciting desktop and app delivery model called just-in-time delivery, powered by instant clone capabilities on platforms like VMware Horizon for VDI and published apps. All of these technologies are in place because they provide several benefits for IT, including easier app/desktop management and security. But even with all these innovations that have come along the virtual desktop and published app journey, challenges on how to best deliver and manage apps in these environments are still present. Continue reading

VMware App Volumes 2.11 Technical FAQ: Newly Updated

The newly available VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ includes updates to existing questions, in addition to new questions relating to VMware App Volumes 2.10 and VMware App Volumes 2.11.

Here is a preview of some changes to the document:

  • Machine-based AppStack assignments take precedence over user-based assignments
  • Since App Volumes 2.10, performance has greatly improved
  • App Volumes 2.11 introduced support for instant clones
  • The App Volumes Backup Utility Fling allows AppStacks and writable volumes to be backed up and recovered

Eager for more details? See the updated VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ.

Here’s Your Fast Last-Minute Checklist for VMworld 2016

We’re just a week from the kickoff of the leading global conference for enabling the digital enterprise, VMworld 2016, in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, Aug. 28–Sept. 1.

The countdown is on! Here’s your last-minute checklist to ensure this year’s VMworld event is the best yet.

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