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Announcing VMware Horizon FLEX 1.9

Continuing our unbroken tradition of releasing VMware Horizon FLEX every quarter since it debuted in 2014, we are proud to announce the General Availability of version 1.9.

Announcing VMware Horizon FLEX 1.9

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Windows 10 Migration Made Easy: Get Your Free Assessment Today!

Today at Microsoft Ignite 2016, VMware announced a new tool to simplify and accelerate your Windows 10 migration. The SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your end-user computing environment.

Read more now at the AirWatch Blog.

What will you learn from your SysTrack report? This quantitative analysis reveals end-user behavior patterns, software dependency and usage, web and network usage and information on your device inventory. With SysTrack, you’ll know how ready your end-user computing environment is for Windows 10. You’ll know where you can increase security, save costs and optimize the Windows 10 experience for end users.

Here’s a preview of what metrics SysTrack will provide.


You can try it now at assessment.vmware.com, or visit VMware at Microsoft Ignite 2016 at booth #439 this week to learn more.

Top 5 Tech Priorities & Concerns for Retail IT Leaders

With 62 days to Black Friday and 65 days to Cyber Monday, retail IT leaders shared their top five end-user computing priorities at VMworld U.S. 2016.

vmworld recap 5

“Be Tomorrow.” For some industries, thinking too much about the future is distracting. Not for retailers. Retail brands always look ahead—to the next season, the next big holiday and frankly, to the next big thing to capture shoppers’ attention.

I hosted two VMworld U.S. retail sessions this year—Modernizing and Mobilizing Retail and a retail roundtable—and I can tell you, leading retailers are executing on tomorrow. Well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola and Abercrombie & Fitch, are already piloting innovative new processes and technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Others are in strategic planning mode.

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VMware Access Point: The One-Stop Shop for Secure Access to VMware Horizon 7, VMware Identity Manager, and VMware AirWatch

Access Point 2.7.2 is one of the components updated as part of the recent VMware Horizon 7.0.2, VMware Horizon Client 4.2, and VMware Identity Manager 2.7.1 releases. You can read more about all the great new features and capabilities of the Horizon 7 and Horizon Client releases in VMware Horizon 7.0.2 and Horizon Client 4.2 Are Now GA!.

What Is Access Point?

Access Point functions as a secure gateway for users who want to access application and desktop resources from outside the corporate firewall. An Access Point appliance typically resides within a network demilitarized zone (DMZ) and acts as a proxy host for connections inside your organization’s trusted network. This design provides an additional layer of security by shielding VMware Identity Manager, virtual desktops, application hosts, and servers from the public-facing Internet.

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The Story of VMware Blast


The ultimate goal in user interface (UI) remoting is to make the remoted end-user experience as close as possible to local application execution. This is a challenging goal that becomes increasingly more feasible as connection latency (RTT) drops under 50 milliseconds. In addition, there is still much room for innovation on how to efficiently determine changed pixels on a server, encode, transport, present those pixels on the user device and obtain user input in response.

VMware Blast is the VMware UI remoting technology in VMware Horizon. Blast uses standardized encoding schemes, including JPG/PNG and H.264 for pixel encoding, and Opus for audio. Unlike proprietary encoding schemes, these standard formats are supported natively, hence efficiently, in browsers and mobile devices.

Blast-JPG/PNG shipped in the Fall of 2013 in support of browser clients and in early 2015 in support of Linux virtual machines. Blast-H.264 shipped in March 2016 with Horizon 7, as Blast Extreme, with feature and performance parity with PCoIP. Much was written about Blast Extreme since. Here, we provide background and more in-depth technical details. Continue reading

macOS Sierra & iOS 10: Support with VMware Horizon, Fusion & AirWatch

macOS Sierra, Apple’s newest Mac operating system (OS), is officially live—following closely on iOS 10 last week. And VMware End-User Computing (EUC) has your business covered.

We’re excited to announce same-day support across our EUC solutions, including VMware VMware Horizon, VMware Fusion and VMware AirWatch.

“What Can Your Mac Do Now?”

vmware support for macos sierra ios10Alongside Siri’s much-anticipated debut on Mac, macOS Sierra offers exciting new enterprise features, including:

  • Updates to iCloud Drive;
  • New controls for admins, such as restricting apps, storage and Music Service;
  • Admin accounts;
  • Device Enrollment Program enhancements; and
  • Much more.

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VMware Workspace ONE Reference Architecture: Validated Integration Design White Paper

We have seen business mobility rapidly evolve from “I need my email on my phone” to “I need access to all my apps, data, and services, from any device, anywhere.” While end users have demanded that access, IT concerns about security, compliance, and complexity have made implementation of this goal difficult until now.

VMware Workspace ONE combines identity and mobile-device management to

  • Provide simple and secure access to all of the applications, data, and services that employees need on their personal or corporate-issued devices
  • Meet IT security requirements

The VMware Workspace ONE Reference Architecture: Validated Integration Design white paper provides a reference architecture for implementing the Workspace ONE product. The reference architecture is based on key business requirements such as enabling business mobility for employees, and identifies use cases, such as mobile knowledge workers.


Figure 1: VMware Workspace ONE Logical Architecture Overview

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Network Ports in Horizon 7: Diagram Updated

Written in partnership with

Ray Heffer, Global Cloud Architect (End-User-Computing Lead), VMware

Ray Heffer has produced another update to the Network Ports Diagram for Horizon 7. This intricate diagram gives you a lot of vital information in one page. It is not something you will memorize, but it is something that you will refer to often.

Here is the update for the new release. Click the diagram to download the PDF.


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ANZ Bank Reimagines Banking with iPads and Mobility


ANZ is using mobility to completely rethink the banking experience. A fleet of iPads managed by VMware AirWatch help ANZ take the banking experience to where their customers are—online, on their phones, at their workplace or even at digital-enabled spaces within the bank building. To deliver and update apps seamlessly, ANZ uses VMware App Volumes. Together, these VMware solutions help ANZ fulfill their goal to deliver excellent mobile banking experiences to their customers.

How ANZ Uses VMware for Better Mobile Banking

  • ANZ uses the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) to create their own custom mobile banking apps.
  • Bankers take AirWatch-managed iPads on the road to their customers’ locations.
  • ANZ is redesigning bank branches with iPads and other mobile devices so bankers and customers can sit side-by-side anywhere in the branch and collaborate digitally.
  • Customers and bankers use iPads in AirWatch-managed kiosk mode at bank branches to explore ANZ’s digital products for home loans, wealth management and more.
  • Customers can sign in on iPads at the bank instead of waiting in line. The bank calls them when a banker is available.

Take a look at the #MobileGameChanger video to see how ANZ transforms banking with mobility.

“We’re in the business of delivering great customer experience. There’s two ways to do that. One through our people and the other through technology—but the intersection of those two is really where the gold is. That’s where the transformation is happening, and we’re seeing enormous benefits.”
—Claire Rogers, Head of Digital Banking, ANZ Bank

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VMware Horizon 7.0.2 and Horizon Client 4.2 Are Now GA!

In case you missed it, VMware Horizon was a hot topic at VMworld.  New capabilities including 6x bandwidth reduction with Blast Extreme, support for over 70 new thin and zero clients, vGPU support for high-end 3D graphics, and 16 new features for RDS-hosted apps were just some of the topics generating all that buzz. This comprehensive blog post covers all the great stuff with the most recent release of Horizon: http://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2016/08/vmworld-horizon-7-air-hybrid-mode.html

We’re pleased to announce that all of the following are now generally available:

  • VMware Horizon 7: Version 7.0.2
  • VMware Horizon 7 for Linux:  Version 7.0.2
  • VMware Horizon clients, version 4.2 for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android

Take a look for yourself and see what all the buzz is about!


VMworld 2016 video: EUC8404 – What’s New with Horizon 7


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