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New EUC Webcast Series: Enabling the Digital Workspace for the Mobile Cloud

vmware euc digital workspace webinar

Coming this August, VMware experts gather online to share their unique insights in this fast-evolving world of end-user computing (EUC).

Click here to pick and choose the August EUC webcasts that are right for you.

Webcast #1: Enabling the Digital Workspace with VMware Workspace ONE

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How to Take or Build Your Desktop SOE to VMware Horizon Air

by David Head, cloud services senior architect, VMware End-User Computing

When moving your desktop environment to the cloud, many questions arise around how an organization makes the move. The number one technical question we receive is:

How do I take my existing Desktop or RDSH SOE to VMware Horizon Air?

Many people envisage using the same process as they have for server workloads when moving to a cloud service—either copying via VPN or MPLS link or using an offline copy service and then couriering them to the cloud service.

While this is an option for traditional server workloads, desktop and RDSH workloads tend to be provisioned from a template and then constructed either on the fly or at least via a PCLM solution. Because of this, the idea of trying to send hundreds—if not thousands—of desktops to Horizon Air is not an option. So instead of trying to shift your entire desktop environment, let’s talk about two ways customers can get their SOE up and running in Horizon Air. Continue reading

Keeping up with End Users: 12 Stats about Mobile Work Productivity

Recently, InfoWorld veteran Bob Lewis told the IT news site, “Do you realize, that over just the past three years IT has pretty much been stood on its head? … The biggest change in IT is the shift from cost reduction to revenue enhancement.”

That new charge includes redirecting IT resources to digitally transform end-user technology—both customer- and employee-facing business processes. And employees are demanding instant, fast and ubiquitous access to work like never before. Now that workers can work on any device they expect new levels of business mobility.

Check out the 12 stats below that illustrate the new, higher standards for mobile work productivity that IT is expected to deliver.

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Announcing the VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition Reference Architecture: Validated Integration Design Paper

By Graeme Gordon, Senior End-User-Computing Architect, EUC Technical-Marketing Center of Excellence, VMware

Opening a restaurant is a romantic notion that many of us have had at some point in our lives. Create a business plan, identify our target market or customers, and then come up with recipes that will satisfy those customers (and attract lots more). Sounds easy, right? It is time to get cooking! Well, not quite. We must do a bit of planning and preparation before we get to that stage.


Similarly, to ensure a successful VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition project, we must plan and design in a structured and integrated manner. We start by identifying the business requirements and drivers, and defining the use cases (user or customer types) that we intend to serve. We can then decide on the recipes or services that we are going to provide to satisfy those users. The services are built from several components that are modular, efficient, and easily customizable.

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2 Massive Innovations Reshaping the Future of Computing

Sumit Dhawan IT SilosStandard Operating Environment—what everyone chased after for more than a decade, where the name of the game was standardization to reduce costs. It was the best solution when everyone had the same PC, same monitor, a small set of mega app suites and the same network. Mobile changed everything!

Two huge innovations—Windows 10 and enterprise mobility management (EMM)—are going to completely redefine the very nature of enterprise computing and how we manage this vibrant, often chaotic ecosystem. As a result, unified endpoint management is finally our new EUC reality. Continue reading

VMware Experts Look Ahead at VDI as BriForum Comes to an End

BriForum ConferenceIt’s the end of BriForum as we know it. Here are the highlights on the final agenda.

For more than a decade, some of the most experienced IT professionals have presented their vendor-neutral perspectives on all things desktop virtualization at the annual BriForum conference. In its twelfth year, BriForum will provide one last roadmap for navigating Windows 10, cloud-based technology, application management, enterprise mobility and identity.

That’s because BriForum is coming to an end after 2016 in light of the departure of the event’s founder, Brian Madden, from BrianMadden.com. The guy who started it all will talk about his 20 years in the virtualization industry in one last fireside chat at the Boston event this week, July 26–28.

But Brian promises this year’s BriForum won’t be all reminiscing and goodbyes. In fact, our very own VMware experts are headed to Boston to talk about what’s new and what’s ahead in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments and business mobility:

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New Socialcast UX for Secure Enterprise Chat and Social Collaboration

Revealing the Redesigned and Reimagined Socialcast (1)

Last summer, VMware introduced enterprise chat to the Socialcast social collaboration platform, a secure solution to meet the increasing demand for instant messaging in the enterprise. Today, VMware introduces a new user experience on Socialcast with even more robust chat features for both the web and mobile apps.

Be among the first to see the new user experience on Socialcast. Sign up for the webinar on Aug. 10.

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VMworld 2016: What You Can’t Afford to Miss

The must-dos, what’s recommended and the biggest buzz around VMworld 2016. Build your personal schedule today!

The year’s biggest event is back from global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility VMware. VMworld 2016 happens Aug. 28–Sept. 1 in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay.

Register for VMworld 2016.

register VMworld 2016

Once you stash your gadgets in a custom VMworld backpack, you’ve got four days ahead of opportunities to discover what’s ahead, learn about the latest technologies and network with cloud giants and mobile pioneers. Here’s a look at what to expect at this year’s huge event.

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Why It Is Time to Ditch Legacy Systems & Upgrade Retail Infrastructure with VMware Mirage

When we think about retail as consumers, we think about going shopping, trying on the latest fashions, spending money, treasure hunting and hopefully having a great overall experience. For some of us this is not always the case. We have all been in a situation where going to the local mall, grocery store or department store has taken more time out of our day than we expected—having to wait in long lines, make product returns that seem impossible and cumbersome or walking into our faithful grocery store the town over only to find the entire store experience is different from what we are accustomed to. And we wonder, why is it the same brand, same state, same name and same products but a different experience?

Infrastructure Drives the Retail Store Experience

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What’s New in VMware Identity Manager June 2016 Release

We’re excited to announce general availability of following new features to the cloud and on-premises versions of VMware Identity Manager (IDM).

  • VMware Workspace ONE app updates to provide standalone mobile device management (MAM) and adaptive management features
  • One-touch single sign-on (SSO) and device compliance check for Android, Window 10 and Mac operating system (OS) devices
  • VMware Verify built-in, two-factor authentication (available for cloud version only, support for on-premises version coming soon)
  • LDAP Directory support
  • Launch on-premises VMware Horizon View from VMware IDM cloud
  • Simplified outbound-only deployment of the VMware IDM connector (for cloud version)
  • Simplified deployment of Integration Broker for Citrix Integration
  • Additional languages supported

Workspace ONE App Updates

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