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The VDIscover Experience at VMworld 2020

The VMworld 2020 Content Catalog is live and you can now register for the top Digital Workspace sessions!


There’s no doubt that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a powerful business solution, and at VMworld 2020 we’re bringing the VDI community’s top experts for real conversations around the industry, innovations and skill sets needed as we look to the future.

The VDIscover Experience track at VMworld was specifically designed for you so that you can make the most of VMworld’s 2020 virtual experience. You’ll learn how to architect for success and hear top VDI and EUC experts in the field share best practices for designing an environment that optimizes performance, scalability, cost and user experience.

In the VDIscover Experience we’ll take a deep dive into VMware Horizon 8 and explore the modern hybrid and multi-cloud platform that allows organizations to scale flexibly across public and private clouds. Learn about the new capabilities and deployment options to ensure that end users can work anytime, anywhere, on any device. And in case you thought this was just another virtual event, VMworld 2020 offers plenty of opportunities to engage with your peers and discuss the future role and skillset required for the VDI admin with our live expert panels.

To get started with the VDIscover Experience, register for our top 9 VDIscover sessions today!

Carl Webster on VMware VDI: What I learned after 6 weeks of testing Horizon [DWHV2819]

Speakers: Carl Webster and Brian Madden

For anyone that wants a thorough and independent look at VMware Horizon through fresh eyes, there’s no better resource than Carl. After 30 years working with Citrix, he spent six weeks testing Horizon, resulting in 6 major articles, 600 screenshots, and 450 pages of documentation. If you want to get the deep dive on how Horizon has evolved over the past 5 years, this session is for you! Register here.

Close Look at Remote: What I learned from 50 VDI Admin Meetings Since COVID [DWHVDI2827]

Speaker: Brian Madden

Since March of this year, Brian Madden has led over 50 admin meetings to discuss how organizations are dealing with the sudden influx in remote work. Attend this session for the inside scoop on what he’s learned. Register here.

CTO in the Hot Seat: VMware EUC CTO Shawn Bass Answers Your Tough Questions [DWHV2824]

Speakers: Shawn Bass and Brian Madden

You asked the questions, Shawn Bass will answer them! Register here.

How to Architect for Success: Ask the EUC VCDXs [DWHV2826]

Speakers: Sean Massey, Johan van Amersfoort, Jens Hennig and Maarten Caus

As any VDI Admin knows, rolling out a VDI environment requires a million careful decisions, any one of which could have a significant effect on the performance, scalability, cost and the user experience of your environment. Luckily for us, this session brings together the top minds in the business to share their best practices for designing a VDI and EUC environment. Register here.

Modern VDI for the Hybrid Cloud with Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Horizon [DWHV2821]

Speakers: Sachin Sharma, Todd Dayton and Komal Patel

Are you interested in cloud without the chaos? Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP), takes the complexity out of multi-cloud! Register here.

Rev Your Google cloud VMware Engine with VMware Horizon [DWHV3060]

Speakers: Raj Jethnani and Sean Massey

Google launched VMware Cloud Foundation running on Google Cloud in May unlocking key hybrid use cases in the cloud for organizations running on VMware Horizon! In this session learn how to deliver VDI and app capabilities on Managed Google Cloud Infrastructure and gain insight on deployment best practices. Register here.

Starting with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure [DWHV3059]

Speaker: Peter Hauer

What’s the simplest path to VDI? In this session learn how VMware Horizon Cloud can help enable business continuity and extend Windows Virtual Desktop functionality on Microsoft Azure! Register here.

The Nerdfest VDI Demo: VDI  [DWHV2820]

Speaker: Johan van Amersfoort

Johan van Amersfoort has promised to give a super deep demo in this session that you don’t want to miss! He’ll discuss how VDI is pushing limits, including exciting areas like AI, machine learning, deep learning, and the latest and greatest in GPU virtualization. Register here.

The Future Role and Skills of the VDI Admin: Community Round Table [DWHV2823E]

Speakers: Brian Madden, Ron Oglesby, Dane Young and Eduardo Molina

Can you say star-power?! This community round table highlights (Parts 1 & 2) key voices in the VDI community as they explore the future role of the VDI admin and the skillset needed. Register here.


Don’t Forget – Register for the Digital Workspace Solutions Keynote Today!

Once you’ve explored the VDIscover track, don’t forget to register for the Digital Workspace Solutions Keynote; Journey to the Future Ready Workforce [DW2716] with Shankar Iyer and Shawn Bass. We’ll cover how to scale access, manage and secure endpoints and optimize the network edge, all through a unified platform where exceptional user experience and intrinsic security are at the forefront. Register now.