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Rev Your Google Cloud VMware Engine with VMware Horizon!

It’s here! Google just launched VMware Cloud Foundation running on Google Cloud, allowing our customers to leverage capacity and services in Google Cloud as part of a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture.

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers the VMware software-defined datacenter stack as a service on Google Cloud with Google providing full, end-to-end support including licensing, software upgrades and patching. Leveraging this hybrid architecture gives organizations a low-risk way to migrate workloads to Google Cloud and plug into key native services that GCP is known for such as BigQuery.

This is also good news for organizations running Horizon virtual desktops and applications because it allows them to unlock key hybrid use cases in the cloud and through Google Cloud VMware Engine, such as datacenter extension, disaster recovery and burst capability. Horizon makes these hybrid use cases possible with capabilities such as the ability to deliver non-persistent desktops in seconds and destroy them again at logoff as well as a global entitlement layer which brokers an end user to their personal desktop in any pod or cloud. Cloud-based management and monitoring tools extend across pods and clouds, abstracting away complexity introduced managing across multiple sites. These hybrid capabilities and ability to quickly scale out and scale back down when needed has been particularly important for organizations as they struggle to provide work-from-home solutions for their employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this initial launch, Google is opening a datacenter on each end of the U.S., which will be followed by eight additional datacenters by the end of this year, giving organizations global coverage in all three major geographies of the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We are excited to include Google Cloud VMware Engine as a deployment option for VMware Horizon. Check out our free trial and get started today.

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