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LIVE From VMware, It’s VDIscover!

One of the best parts of VMworld every year is meeting our customers, colleagues and friends in-person, either for the Digital Workspace Keynote or for networking at events such as the infamous Tech Talks and Beer. We’re missing that connection as we plan for VMworld this year and wanted a way to connect with you and chat about two things: 1. The VDIscover Track at VMworld that we’re incredibly excited about, and 2. Answer your questions about how to make the most of VMworld 2020. So to that end, we’re hosting a panel event the week before VMworld – and we’re doing it LIVE!

Mark your calendars for VDIscover LIVE on September 23 at 12pm PT.

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VDI at VMworld 2020

You might be wondering, what is the VDIscover Experience at VMworld? Well, as Brian Madden once said at a previous VMworld, VDI isn’t dead, and we’ve seen an incredible response from our customers and partners over the past six months in our ability to enable business continuity, scale for remote work, and prepare you for a Future Ready Workforce. Our VDIscover session track at VMworld dives into everything VDI including the new Horizon 8 and the evolution of Horizon for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, to how you can prepare your business for the future with our incredible partner ecosystem, to how you can up-level your VDI admin skillset. We’re also diving into what Employee Experience means today and hitting Shawn Bass with the tough questions. The VDIscover Experience at VMworld is packed with top experts and is what VMworld 2020 is all about, so make sure you take full advantage!

Join Brian Madden, Jack Madden, Gabe Knuth, Ron Oglesby and Teresa Chen for the VDIscover LIVE event on September 23 at 12pm PT.

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VDIscover Pre-VMworld LIVE Event

Join our LIVE social event on September 23 at 12pm PT as our panel of VDI all-stars including Brian Madden, Jack Madden, Gabe Knuth, Ron Oglesby and Teresa Chen discuss how you can make the most of VMworld 2020! We’ll dive into what sessions to prioritize first and those to watch on-demand later, go over what questions you need to be asking both our experts and your internal stakeholders, and how to plan for the future. We’ll also be answering your questions – LIVE!

Save the date for September 23 at 12 pm PT for VDIscover LIVE on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Set a reminder here.

We hope to see you there!



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