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Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management is Now Workspace ONE Assist with Extended Support for Windows 10 and BYO

In today’s competitive global economy, prioritizing the digital employee experience is critical to attracting and retaining skilled employees, fostering innovation, and driving productivity, profit, and strong customer experience. However, technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower employees one minute can be a roadblock the next. The right IT service management (ITSM) tool enables IT and help desk staff to remove these roadblocks through remote support, which is why VMware has invested heavily in offering the best, most reliable, remote support solution to our Workspace ONE customers. In 2017, we partnered with AetherPal to create Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management, and in February of this year, we acquired AetherPal and the company’s award-winning remote support solution.

Happy and engaged employees are critical to business success—and nothing puts more of a damper on morale than tech problems—which can cost a company millions of dollars a year in support and lost productivity.

As we continue to expand our remote support capabilities within the Workspace ONE platform, we’ve decided to rename Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management to Workspace ONE Assist—a name that better conveys the product’s ability to assist employees when they need it the most.

Workspace ONE Assist is a comprehensive, fully integrated remote support solution that enables organizations to deliver quality IT support and maximize their end-user computing investments, while mitigating lost revenue, productivity, and decreased employee satisfaction. Workspace ONE Assist empowers IT and help desk staff to remotely view or control Android, iOS, and Windows devices, directly from the Workspace ONE console, while maintaining employee privacy and trust.

Digitally Transform Employee Experience, Increase Help Desk Efficiency and Reduce Support Costs with Workspace ONE Assist

• Remotely connect to any enrolled device in seconds, directly from the Workspace ONE console

• View or control devices in real-time to decrease downtime and quickly troubleshoot and fix device, network, or app issues with file and task management tools

• Leverage Screen Draw feature to highlight items on screen for training videos or to guide employees through various tasks

• View and export detailed device information

• Notify employees when their personally- or corporate-owned device screen is visible and enable them to pause or end a remote session for enhanced privacy.

• Securely access and service unattended corporate-owned rugged or mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices between shifts or overnight

• Easily record remote sessions for training purposes

New in Workspace ONE Assist 5.2: Extended Support for Windows 10 and BYO

Remotely Control Windows 10 Devices

• Connect to devices with multiple monitors and easily switch between screens

• Notify employees when their device screen is visible and enable them to pause or end a remote session. For enhanced privacy, require employees to manually approve help desk access and control to certain features, such as File Manager, with a one-time session password.

• View a virtual, on-screen version of the remote device’s keyboard to easily support employees across various keyboard layouts and languages

• Access a device’s command-line shell to execute Microsoft PowerShell commands, as well as registry and digital signature certificate stores

• Automatically reconnect to device after system reboot or network interruptions

Remotely Support Personally-Owned Android Devices

• Easily connect to and view Android Enterprise-enrolled BYO devices

• Remotely access and control Android Enterprise Work Profile on devices, including Samsung

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