Datalogic Simplifies QR Code Enrollment for Android Enterprise

Apr 26, 2019
Jessie Stoks


Jessie Stoks is a product marketing manager for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

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According to IDC, Android will become the largest rugged OS shipped this year, growing at 23 percent CAGR over the next five years. That’s five times faster than the overall rugged device market! Luckily, Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) makes it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy and manage Android devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google. Both VMware Workspace ONE and Datalogic’s Memor 10 device are Android Enterprise Validated. Like VMware, Datalogic has been working closely with Google to raise the bar of excellence for enterprise devices and services, particularly when it comes to low-touch enrollment and configuration.

Simple deployment options are critical when it comes to rugged devices, which are often enrolled manually by IT and outside of the corporate office. Datalogic’s Memor 10 supports all Android enrollment options for rugged devices, including zero-touch and QR code enrollment and the ability to transfer device configurations via near-field communication (NFC) bump. Datalogic even enhanced one of its most popular deployment options—QR code enrollment—to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes IT to bulk enroll Memor 1 and Memor 10 devices. In the past, upon generating a QR code in Workspace ONE, IT had to tap the device screen six times (in the same spot), manually enter Wi-Fi credentials, download a QR code reader app, and scan the QR code. Now, IT can generate a QR code in Workspace ONE containing enrollment and Wi-Fi credentials and scan the QR code directly from the device’s welcome screen. Check out Datalogic’s video, below, to see how easy their new QR code enrollment method is.

Datalogic is a trusted VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and global leader in automatic data capture and process automation. The company specializes in producing barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection and measurement, and laser marking systems.