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Google™ Recognizes VMware’s Commitment Through Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs Validation

VMware is excited to be an inaugural validated partner for the launch of Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs! Continue reading to learn more about Android Enterprise Recommended and the requirements we met, which are available today, to become a validated EMM partner.

Android Enterprise Recommended

Long-time readers of the VMware Blog may remember when we announced our vision for making Android Enterprise the default path forward for any enterprise use-case on Android devices.

Android Enterprise has made enormous strides since the initial launch in 2015 (previously coined Android for Work), and VMware has been working closely with Google ever since inception to ensure that organizations can take advantage of the latest features right away. Touting one of the best experiences for any enterprise use-case, from BYOD to dedicated devices to corporate-owned personally-enabled devices and everything in between, Android Enterprise is constantly evolving with Google’s full focus.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled Android Enterprise Recommended for devices. Starting with knowledge worker devices and expanding to rugged, this program greatly simplifies the device selection process for customers looking to break into the world of deploying Android devices. Android Enterprise Recommended validates the devices that meet Google’s requirements such as support for zero-touch enrollment and a guarantee of regular security patches and OS updates.

You can read more about this program at https://www.android.com/enterprise/recommended.

VMware Workspace ONE is Android Enterprise Recommended Validated

After the success of Android Enterprise Recommended for devices, Google announced today that they are expanding this program even further to include EMM providers. Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs provides additional guidance so organizations can rest assured they are selecting a platform with the breadth of capabilities and the long-term support required for scalable and successful Android Enterprise deployments. VMware is proud to announce that VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is one of a few validated partners from Day 0, and it speaks volumes that Google recognizes the commitment by VMware and the deep set of capabilities that Workspace ONE offers for Android.

To meet the requirements of Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs, VMware had to prove our integration with advanced Android Enterprise features.  All of these features are available today with Workspace ONE UEM. One requirement is the support for at least two Android Enterprise management sets – and we’re proud that we support all three: work profile, fully managed device and dedicated device. In addition, we support corporate-owned, personally-enabled devices. Some other features that we have implemented to meet the Android Enterprise Recommended validation requirements include:

  • SafetyNet integration
  • Advanced zero-touch enrollment
  • Advanced passcode management
  • Enterprise factory reset protection
  • … and many more

VMware is committed to innovating and working closely with Google to deliver the latest and greatest functionality on Android. We’re excited to be a validated partner in the Android Enterprise Recommended program that’s changing the way that enterprises think about mobility and select their providers with confidence. Learn more about our history with Android Enterprise and our vision on the VMware EUC blog.

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