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The Latest on Android: Android Pie and Workspace ONE UEM

Android Pie (9.0) was released yesterday bringing an improved and smarter Android experience. Android users will benefit from the adaptive battery conserving features and the intelligence that Google is bringing for a personalized and intuitive experience navigating and using apps. For enterprises, Android is building on their work profile and fully managed device modes:

  • Multiple users on dedicated fully managed devices for kiosks or shift worker use cases
  • A work tab in the app launcher for further separation of work and personal and an intuitive toggle to turn off work apps and notifications
  • The ability to postpone over-the-air updates so organizations can test app compatibility and defer for devices to be updated during less critical business operations

We are working to integrate with the latest Android features and as always, be sure to return here for more information on how VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch technology, works with Android to bring these features to the enterprise.

The Latest on Android Pie with Workspace ONE UEM

And if you haven’t already gotten the memo, VMware is investing heavily in Android enterprise. Android enterprise has unique support for a variety of use cases with the work profile and fully managed device modes. These modes are easily provisioned by IT and create a simple experience for the end user. And with the announcement of the future deprecation of device administrator, now is the time to start looking at the capabilities of Android enterprise if you haven’t already. Keep reading to see what’s been included with the latest version of VMware Workspace ONE UEM 9.6.0.

Check-in Check-Out for Fully Managed Devices

  • Enable shared device use cases on fully managed Android devices using the AirWatch Launcher. Devices can be provisioned out of the box with a staging user. After the enrollment, the device will be locked down and prompt for a user to login. Once the user is authenticated, they will be provisioned with the apps and policies assigned to them. When they are done with the device for the day, they can logout of the device. This will remove the apps and policies assigned to them and prepare the device for the next user.

Android Pie

QR Code Generator

  • To enroll a fully managed Android device, this needs to be done either out of the box or after a factory reset. One of the multiple options for enrolling the device is by scanning a QR code. Once the fresh device is on the welcome screen, tap the screen 6 times and a QR code reader will be installed. The generator in the Workspace ONE UEM console makes this process easier by making a custom QR code.

Android Pie

Configure Samsung Fully Managed Devices within the Android Profile

  • Knox policies can now be deployed on fully managed Samsung devices. When creating a profile, the admin can select the OEM from a dropdown to gain access to Samsung Knox policies.

Android Pie

New Features & Product Announcements

These are just a few of the updates with our latest console release. To stay up to date on our product releases, always check out our Product Announcements in My Workspace ONE.

To learn more about these features plus hear some new announcements about Workspace ONE UEM support for Android, check out my VMworld session END2962BU.

AND to learn the latest on what’s going on in the End-User Computing world, register today for the Digital Workspace Keynote – End User Computing and Mobility Live (DW3727KU)!

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