VMware Workspace ONE Mobile

Android Series Ep1: Device Administrator Deprecation

There has been a lot going on in the Android enterprise world.  Google announced device administrator deprecation, a legacy method of enrolling Android devices. We announced our support of Android enterprise by making it the default for Android deployments.  So, what does this mean and how will it impact organizations who have Android deployed or are looking into it?

In this series, we will be covering information to prepare you for the upcoming changes and will be discussing the value that Android offers to meet any use case.  Google announced they will be deprecating certain APIs that are available to device administrators in their 2019 Android release. This deprecation of the legacy management approach comes because Android enterprise (formerly called Android for Work) best supports business requirements with their various built-in deployment modes. These modes are work profile, work managed and corporate owned-single use and are deployed from the VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch, unified endpoint management (UEM) console.

In this first episode, we will help you learn more about this device administrator deprecation and what the alternative is for Android devices by asking some valuable questions:

  • What is device administrator?
  • What APIs are being deprecated and why?
  • What makes Android enterprise better than device administrator?
  • What can I expect from Workspace ONE as a part of this announcement?

Over the next few months, we will continue to dive deeper into Android enterprise and the various use cases that it supports to make your Android deployments even more successful.