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Expanding the Mobile Security Alliance to Secure the Digital Workspace

Six new Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) partners—Bay Dynamics, CipherCloud, Entrust Datacard, Gurucul, Intercede and Kaymera—help customers fill mobile security gaps for better management, visibility and security across users, apps and endpoints.

Our customers are having success in breaking down the traditional technology silos of managing mobile, desktop and lines of business apps, devices and users by using an integrated approach provided with our VMware Workspace ONE platform. At VMworld U.S., we announced several more innovations to help deliver a digital workspace with an even simpler consumer experience across any app on any device without sacrificing enterprise security.

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The announcements started with the industry’s first unified end-user experience, management and security solution for all endpoints and platforms. New capabilities include unified onboarding and simplified Office 365 deployment and security with Workspace ONE. We also announced advances in unified endpoint management (UEM), including adding support for Chrome and macOS management, in addition to more capabilities with Windows 10 device management. Another highlight was the announcement of our vision for digital workspace analytics with Workspace ONE Intelligence.

The Workspace ONE platform continues to evolve to provide better user experience and security, but the reality is that the types of security threats in today’s mobile-cloud world are also evolving. As digital workspaces grow, security attack vectors also grow. More apps come online, more devices are available to use and user behavior is becoming more unpredictable. Organizations need a comprehensive approach to securing their digital workspace, which is why we introduced the Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) in 2015.

The MSA is a testament to the open ecosystem philosophy we maintain with Workspace ONE. Using Workspace ONE as the foundational digital workspace platform, our broad ecosystem of trusted security partners in the MSA can use Workspace ONE APIs to give customers advanced security capabilities for a comprehensive approach to securing their digital workspace. This deeply integrated approach allows organizations to stitch their existing security investments together with Workspace ONE. Customers can address security gaps for better management, visibility and security across users, apps and devices.

Securing Every App, Endpoint, Network & Cloud with MSA + Workspace ONE

The MSA was originally founded with 10 security partners across four categories of endpoint, app, network and cloud security. The MSA has been expanding ever since, covering more use cases that customers can benefit from.

Today, we are excited to announce six new security partners joining the MSA:

  1. Bay Dynamics
  2. CipherCloud
  3. Entrust Datacard
  4. Gurucul
  5. Intercede
  6. Kaymera

The two new security categories include:

  1. Analytics, of which Bay Dynamics and Gurucul focus on; and
  2. Authentication, of which Entrust Datacard and Intercede focus on.

Let’s take a look at some security use cases for each integration.

Integrating with Workspace ONE for Security Analytics & Behavior-Based Decisions

Bay Dynamics and Gurucul can integrate with Workspace ONE to give powerful analytics and behavior-based information to organizations. For example, each of these partners can help deliver risk scores to Workspace ONE to help organizations make decisions on who has access to what. If strange user behavior is detected in accessing an application like Office 365 from a location that is deemed unsafe, a user’s risk score goes up. Workspace ONE then can perform a data-loss prevention (DLP) action (remote wipe, disable copy-paste, etc.) on the Office 365 app for that user. This is a great example of how the new security capabilities we announced in Workspace ONE at VMworld and integrations focused on analytics can help customers secure app and data access across their digital workspace.

Integrating with Workspace ONE for More Secure Mobile User Authentication

Entrust Datacard and Intercede provide value with Workspace ONE by focusing on authentication. A great use case for this integration involves the government sector. As the world becomes more mobile, government customers are making the move away from physical smart card authentication for access to data and applications. Entrust Datacard or Intercede enable government customers to enable authentication to apps directly from mobile devices. Customers can then use Workspace ONE to access apps and data accordingly.

Integrations with Workspace ONE for Better Mobile & Cloud Security

In addition to the use cases the partners above help cover for analytics and authentication, Kaymera and CipherCloud have joined the MSA with a focus on mobile and cloud security, respectively. Customers can use the integration between Kaymera and Workspace ONE to detect mobile threats and help prevent, for example, man-in-the-middle attacks. Devices managed by Workspace ONE can have DLP policies applied once a threat like a man-in-the-middle attack is detected by Kaymera.

The integration between CipherCloud and Workspace ONE focuses on security and visibility across cloud services and mobile devices. For example, if a customer uses the Salesforce Cloud, they can have end-to-end file encryption for data in the Salesforce Cloud and on mobile devices managed by Workspace ONE.

Securing the Digital Workspace

As threats evolve in today’s landscape, where end users are accessing data and apps across mobile and desktop, organizations must take a comprehensive approach to securing their digital workspace. Workspace ONE is the secure digital workspace platform that can help deliver that comprehensive approach and with the help of our broad ecosystem of partners in the MSA, take security capabilities to the next level.

With all the innovations announced in Workspace ONE at VMworld this year, organizations can count on consumer simplicity and enterprise security. Customers can benefit from enabling their organization with coverage of many security use cases, such as:

  • Secure Office 365 deployment;
  • Sensitive data protection;
  • Quarantining devices with policies;
  • Protecting data in the cloud; and even
  • Data protection as it relates to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will cover our MSA integrations in greater depth in the coming months. In the meantime, visit our MSA webpage for more information. For more information on Workspace ONE, visit us at

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