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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence: Digital Workspace Insights & Automation

We’re very much excited to announce our vision for digital workspace analytics: VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence. Workspace ONE Intelligence is a new set of capabilities that provide deep insights into the entire digital workspace, enable smart unified endpoint management (UEM) planning and deliver powerful automation. Together, these capabilities help IT improve security, compliance and user experience across the entire environment.

Workspace ONE Intelligence addresses a fundamental question: How does IT make data-based decisions that take into account information from the entire digital workspace environment?

With so much data available to IT admins managing modern, mobile workstyles—and no single tool to make sense of it—IT is faced with a huge challenge to manage the digital workspace. The lack of unified visibility across devices, applications and users makes it particularly hard to make data-driven decisions. As a result, manual processes become the norm, and IT is cornered into being reactive to employee demands and external events instead of being proactive.


With Workspace ONE Intelligence, IT admins have the power to leverage a single data lake that captures data from the entire digital workspace environment—from the device to the apps and the identity of each user. With one data lake to pull from, Workspace ONE Intelligence can provide IT admins with unified visibility over the entire environment and enable deep insights that enable data-driven decisions from a single source of truth.

Deep insights empower IT admins to better plan and optimize their app and policy deployments based on network performance, resource entitlement and deployment risk. And with the ability to automate processes, IT admins can proactively increase their level of security hygiene and meet compliance requirements, while improving user experiences.

3 Core Capabilities of Workspace ONE Intelligence

Workspace ONE Intelligence provides three major areas of improvements that complement and extend the Workspace ONE platform: insights, planning and automation.


Let’s look at each of these capabilities in more detail.

1. Deep Insights

With Workspace ONE Intelligence, IT admins gain visibility into their entire digital workspace environment from one place, as well as the ability to search and query the environment to analyze data, identify patterns and detect anomalies. With custom dashboards and historical reports, IT admins have access to all the information they need to make the right data-based decisions across their entire environment, including:

  • App deployment,
  • App adoption,
  • App usage,
  • User engagement,
  • Device types,
  • OS distribution,
  • App versions,
  • App licensing
  • And much more.

With insights into the digital workspace environment, IT admins can easily run reports to identify assets with patch vulnerabilities, monitor critical Windows security status across the environment, see installation progress for app deployments or perform software and device inventories, to name a few examples.

Here is a preview of the Workspace ONE Intelligence dashboard.


2. Smart Planning

Workspace ONE Intelligence empowers IT admins to better plan their app and policy deployments with contextual recommendations, to monitor app performance to identify critical issues and improve user experiences as well as to enable the delivery of apps and patches at speed and scale.

IT admins will be able to:

  • Better plan for inventory replacement lifecycles.
  • Plan for app license refreshes.
  • Plan for OS same-day support.
  • Develop for the most popular devices and software configurations.
  • Plan for security policy baselines based on verticals.
  • And more.

Here is an example of how Workspace ONE Intelligence can help better plan for an app deployment in India.


3. Powerful Automation

With the new rules engine at the heart of Workspace ONE Intelligence, IT admins can automate processes across their environments by defining rules that take actions based on a rich set of parameters. This allows IT to create contextual workflows that take automated remediation actions based on security threats, and meet compliance requirements through automated access control. And because Workspace ONE Intelligence provides extensibility with an API layer for third parties, IT admins can build workflows that leverage their unique environment to meet their needs.

With automation, Workspace ONE Intelligence helps IT meet compliance requirements and increase security through automated remediation. For example, IT could:

  • Detect events with high security risk scores and automatically adjust access control.
  • Automatically halt new app deployment if an abnormal crash rate is detected.
  • Close the loop on data discovery by automating remediation of undesired states.
  • Extend and integrate with third-party IT tools for full automation of business processes.

Here is an example of an automated workflow that leverages third-party services to prevent an app deployment outage.


Workspace ONE Intelligence Beta

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a powerful set of capabilities that will enhance and extend the Workspace ONE platform by enabling data-based decisions and actions from a single source of truth. Workspace ONE Intelligence will be available as a separate offering later this year.

Those that would like to participate in our upcoming Workspace ONE Intelligence beta, please click here and fill out the form.

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We offered the first previews of the new Workspace ONE Intelligence at VMworld. Watch: