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Apple DEP Enrollment: 4 Common iOS Configurations with VMware AirWatch

Curiouser and curiouser… The familiar phrase from the Alice in Wonderland story rings true when configuring iOS enrollment with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Conceptually, all DEP enrollment workflows mandate mobile device management (MDM) enrollment to devices. However, the number of options make configuration more confusing than Cheshire Cat’s riddles. This post uses an Alice in Wonderland metaphor to decipher the riddle of DEP enrollment. It limits DEP enrollment to four key workflows, associating a familiar character with each one.

AirWatch Apple DEP Enrollment

Down the DEP Enrollment Rabbit Hole

Much like Alice, I spent quite a bit of time completely lost while navigating through the world of DEP-based staging options for iOS devices. As a result, I tested just about every available configuration trying to figure out how different settings impact the enrollment workflow. It turns out the Cheshire Cat was right all along. The way you ought to go depends on where you want to go.

In the world of DEP enrollment, you want to go to an end-user enrollment workflow that addresses your use cases. This post defines four common DEP-based enrollment flows, their typical use cases, and provides configuration best practices for enrollment settings.

Six Impossible Things before Breakfast?

Or rather, four common, completely possible enrollment scenarios that I do not recommend tackling before breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter what time of day you start, review the four DEP enrollment scenarios below. Use the associated character to help remember the workflow’s particular behavior.

4 Scenarios AirWatch Apple DEP Enrollment

Begin at the Beginning…

Once familiar with the four common DEP enrollment scenarios, review the required settings for each workflow. The table displays the required DEP profile settings as well as any other required configurations.

Configure AirWatch Apple DEP Enrollment

…And Go On until You Come to the End.

As you can see, there are many options for onboarding devices through DEP. Review the scenarios covered in this blog, and determine their impact for your organization. Check myAirWatch and the AirWatch Console Online Help for up-to-date DEP resources.

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