10 Most Popular VMware EUC Blogs of 2016

Dec 28, 2016
Blakely Thomas-Aguilar


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Want to see the biggest VMware End-User Computing (EUC) headlines from 2016? Look no further. This round-up highlights the most popular 2016 EUC blogs for product news, customer use cases and technical documentation.

Agree with this list or think your favorite blog should have made the list? Share it in the comments below.

  1. How BDP International Changed the Game by Moving from Citrix to VMware

EUC author Sachin Sharma hit this powerful customer story out of the park. As one of the first use cases of the #GameChangers series, BDP International moved from Citrix to the complete VMware EUC stack, enabling:

  • Elastic scalability.
  • Flexibility with on-premises and cloud solutions.
  • Real-time app delivery.
  • Unparalleled performance for faster response times.

Want to be a game-changer in your company? Get started by learning about VMware’s Safe Passage Program here.

  1. VMware + Microsoft: Delivering an Even Better Skype for Business Experience

One of the biggest strategic partnership announcements of 2016, VMware and Microsoft announced a collaboration designed to boost end-user experiences for Skype for Business. As Sheldon D’Paiva wrote:

“Together, we’ve created an optimized, direct peer-to-peer endpoint virtual channel that offloads media processing to the endpoints.”

Learn more about this exciting tech preview in the blog here.

  1. Five End-User Computing Predictions for 2016

Shawn Bass entered 2016 with a bang, predicting five trends that would impact computing and IT as a whole. At the top of his list? Digital transformation. Check out his 2016 predictions here, and let us know in the comments if they rang true for you in 2016.

  1. Embracing Consumerization for the Digital Workspace: VMware Introduces Workspace ONE

The unified digital workspace finally became a reality this past year with the introduction of VMware Workspace ONE. As Kevin Strohmeyer said in his popular EUC blog:

“VMware is proud to announce Workspace ONE, the simple and secure enterprise platform vmware workspace one frost and sullivan award 3that delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating identity, application, and enterprise mobility management. The introduction of Workspace ONE is the result of over two years of planning and well over a billion dollars in investment both organically and inorganically.”

Since its February launch, Workspace ONE received many accolades and new feature capabilities to serve more use cases, including:

  1. Introducing True Single Sign-On (SSO) in VMware Horizon 7

Tarique Chowdhury introduced this exciting new capability in Horizon 7, made possible with its integration with VMware Identity Manager. Tarique walks us through:

  • The benefits of True SSO for enhanced security, access and authentication;
  • How True SSO works;
  • Infrastructure requirements;
  • Desktop operating system (OS) support;
  • And much more.

Read his in-depth introduction to this technology here, and take a look at his follow-up blog, Horizon 7 True SSO: Setting Up In a Lab.

  1. What’s New with VMware Horizon 7

Following up on the much-anticipated announcement of Horizon 7 (see #2 below), Matt Coppinger delivered the exciting general availability (GA) announcement. Read his blog to explore the technical advancements in Horizon 7, including VMware Instant Clone technology, smart policies and VMware Blast Extreme.

  1. Horizon Blast Extreme Acceleration with NVIDIA GRID

“With new VMware Horizon 7 and NVIDIA GRID, you can significantly improve latency, bandwidth, and frames per second, while decreasing CPU utilization and increasing users per host by using NVIDIA Blast Extreme Acceleration.”

—Erik Bohnhorst, GRID Performance Architect, NVIDIA

Guest blogging for us back in February, Erik wrote a phenomenal piece about new Horizon 7 and NVIDIA GRID capabilities. One of the most exciting advancements was the massive boost to user experience with Blast Extreme and GRID. Read about the technology here.

  1. VMware Announces App Volumes 3.0: Simplifying Application Lifecycle Management for Today’s Digital Workspace

idc-marketscape-vmware-horizon-ctaVMware’s Harry Labana made a huge splash with his announcement of App Volumes 3.0, what Harry coined the modern approach to app lifecycle management. Here were the four big updates in the release:

  • AppToggle
  • AppCapture with AppIsolatin
  • AppScaling with Multizones
  • Unified Administration Console

Click here to read Harry’s full announcement, and visit our App Volumes site to see how your team could reduce IT costs by up to 70%.

  1. Horizon 7: Your High Performance, Ultra-Secure, Throwaway Laptop Is Waiting for You

Horizon 7 took the top spots across the board in 2016. This blog announced all the new capabilities in Horizon 7 that took the lessons learned via the mobile cloud and delivered those precepts to virtual desktops and apps. Read the full blog here.

  1. Instant Clone Technology for Just-in-Time Desktops Delivery in Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition

“Instant Clone Technology is all about delivering VDI desktops just in time. For those of you who follow project names, think of vmFork and Project Fargo. Instant Clone Technology allows administrators to rapidly clone and deploy a virtual machine in less time than it took for you to read these two sentences. Yes, that is one clone created per second on average.”

—Fred Schimscheimer, staff engineer, VMware EUC Office of the CTO

At the top spot in 2016 comes Fred’s excellent technical overview of Instant Clone tech. This in-depth write up answers all the questions you might have, such as:

  • Why are Instant Clones created so much faster than View Composer clones?
  • How fast is fast?
  • Do Instant Clones create a higher load on vCenter?

Congrats to Fred for having our most popular VMware EUC blog of 2016!

Bonus: 2 Massive Innovations Reshaping the Future of Computing

Before we sign off for the year, I can’t leave out our eleventh blog, which was right on the cusp of making this list of top EUC blogs (and one of my personal favorites of 2016).

VMware EUC general manager Sumit Dhawan explores the two monumental trends that bring the entire industry into a new EUC reality: Windows 10 and unified endpoint management.

Read his fantastic blog here to get a glimpse into what VMware EUC leadership believes is the future of the industry and how you, as an IT leader yourself, can help bring your organization into the new era of EUC.

A huge THANKS to all of our EUC blogs authors, partners and to you, our readers, for making 2016 a remarkable 12 months. See you next year!vmware-horizon-free-trial


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