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How BDP International Changed the Game by Moving from Citrix to VMware

Innovation. Transformation. Results. These are some of the words that describe what our customers look for when trying to solve their end-user computing (EUC) challenges. And once these individuals or organizations are able to solve their challenges and innovate in unique ways, they are truly changing the game.

We introduced our #GameChangers series last month, which will showcase stories of customers who have innovated, transformed and delivered results by using VMware EUC solutions. We kick off the series with BDP International, a leader and game-changer in the logistics and transportation industry, who transformed their environment when they moved from their existing Citrix solution to a complete VMware EUC stack.


Citrix Holds Back BDP International’s G Suite Deployment

BDP International is a 50-year-old, privately-held logistics and transportation firm that’s growing across the globe. The firm provides everything from tracking containers on ships, airplanes and trains, to just-in-time transportation that helps ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly for customers.

BDP International recently deployed Google collaboration applications (now known as G Suite) that ran on a Citrix platform. Several applications were rolled out as part of the Google collaboration suite. And immediately, response times to access these apps increased, while end-user satisfaction decreased. Applications that ran on the Citrix platform, like Google Chrome, performed poorly.

The Google collaboration suite was meant to be deployed on BDP’s global Citrix platform but could not be delivered because of poor response times. As Jason Bullock, Executive Director of IT Global Infrastructure and Support at BDP International put it, “That was a real wake up call to say if we’re going to truly run this as an enterprise we need to come up with a better solution than Citrix.”

BDP Migrates to VMware Horizon for Scalability and Speed

End-user perception is key in helping maximize productivity. BDP International had to do something drastic to change the perception of a slow Citrix platform that ran their Google collaboration suite. The logistics and transportation company decided to move away from Citrix and onto VMware Horizon—a move that’s considered game-changing.

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BDP International now leverages Horizon to seamlessly deliver desktops and applications. For BDP International, Horizon was able to provide what Citrix couldn’t:

  • Elastic Scalability: Using VMware Horizon Air to deliver desktops from the cloud has put them in a position to scale up and down as needed. For use cases that require on-premises virtual desktops, BDP International uses Horizon with View.
  • Flexibility with On-Premises or Cloud Solutions: App Volumes helps the BDP IT staff deliver apps, like Google Chrome, to more virtual desktops while reducing storage requirements.
  • Real-Time Application Delivery: With Horizon and App Volumes, BDP International can deploy their Google collaboration suite in minutes.
  • Unparalleled Performance with Faster Response Times: Most importantly, the response time for applications has decreased significantly, while end-user satisfaction has increased.

Jason describes in more detail how the company became one of our #GameChangers by using VMware EUC solutions to deliver desktops and apps in a responsive manner.

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VMware Offers a Safe Passage for Citrix Customers

VMware makes it easy for customers to migrate from Citrix to our EUC technology stack with the Safe Passage Program migration tools and services. Learn more about the Safe Passage Program here.

Keep an eye out for even more disruptors, like BDP International, as we continue to highlight our customer stories in our #GameChangers series. For more information on VMware EUC solutions, visit

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