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[Whitepaper] The Digital Workspace Checklist

This is the first blog in a series for The Digital Workspace Checklist, a new whitepaper from industry analyst Ovum. Read the second and third blogs here. Access the full checklist here.

A workspace that promotes productivity, collaboration, and business innovation.

A consensus is forming: future competitive advantage will be created through data and analytics; business models will be shaped by cloud; and engagement will be powered by mobile and social technologies. Continued growth in the use of employee-owned devices and self-selected applications is changing the face of the end-user computing environment, but this should not obscure the fact that most knowledge workers in established economies expect their employer to provide the tools and technology required for the role or business activity.

A modern digital workspace must promote productivity, collaboration, and business innovation by being fit for purpose and context. A knowledge and understanding of that purpose and context makes a huge difference when organizations are trying to scale to hundreds or thousands of employees across different business functions, geographies, and operational environments, and this is why businesses and institutions often choose to work with systems integrators and outsourcers that understand the scale of their challenge and the practical issues they face.

Ovum Customer-Adaptive Enterprise
Source: Ovum

Ovum studies of successful organizations highlight the importance of employee engagement supported by a collaborative culture and productive working environment. Implicit in this assessment is the quality and nature of the end-user computing environment, with success being more likely for those businesses and institutions that adopt progressive end-user computing environments. A customer-adaptive enterprise (see Figure 1: The eight attributes of the customer-adaptive enterprise) will have a well-equipped, well-trained workforce that is engaged, collaborative, informed, and innovative. A visionary leader will fully appreciate the business value of such a workforce, including the business agility it enables, the innovations it generates, and the customer satisfaction it delivers.

Here are your strategies for sparking workplace creativity and innovation.

This is just a preview of The Digital Workspace Checklist by independent analysts at the London-based firm Ovum.

Ovum provides a full list of recommendations for enterprises based on important IT trends and business challenges. Read the entire, free whitepaper here to fully understand the needs and expectations for a successful, modern enterprise digital workspace.

The Digital Workspace Checklist