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Announcing New Digital Workspace Technologies Built for the Mobile-Cloud Era

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VMworld has always served as the launch pad for new technologies. Today, VMware End-User Computing (EUC) hits the VMworld stage in Las Vegas to share new innovations that drive the digital workspace forward—now and into the future.

Read all the VMworld news and EUC announcements here in today’s press release.

Earlier this year, our EUC team introduced the game-changing digital workspace with the VMware Workspace ONE platform—with the vision to make it consumer simple and enterprise secure. Workspace ONE integrates identity, apps, desktops and mobility with device management and security. The digital workspace is a critical solution for companies managing a mobile workforce that vmware workspace one digital workspaceuses mobile, SaaS and Windows apps on many different device operating systems (OS). Through this groundbreaking technology, IT now has a more efficient way to manage users, devices and applications. The digital workspace also gives end users a consumer-simple way to seamlessly access all business resources, regardless of device type.

The separation between mobile devices and PCs is quickly disappearing. Today, PCs are next-gen mobile devices, as laptops access cloud services on or off the corporate network. This is only accelerating as Windows 10 becomes the standard OS across organizations. So, with a growing list of devices accessing a growing list of applications—including legacy and modern Windows apps, SaaS and mobile apps—how can IT efficiently deliver this increasingly disparate ecosystem? Contextual awareness.

The VMware digital workspace catalogs all applications and uses contextual awareness to deliver the right applications to the right device. Through the digital workspace, a mobile device can access a mobile app, and if a worker uses a tablet and needs a Windows desktop app, VMware delivers it by virtualizing the application. That brings the motto of “any app, anytime on any device” to reality. By unifying all applications and intelligently delivering the right apps to the right device with one management platform, you can see how this significantly simplifies how application, device and identity management is done today.

The Digital Workspace: Built for the Mobile-Cloud Era

Our announcement this morning drives even more innovation into VMware’s digital workspace, while keeping to the guiding principle of “consumer simple, enterprise secure.” We build upon it here at VMworld with new updates to VMware Horizon, Workspace ONE and VMware Identity Manager. These technologies are purpose-built to help businesses challenged by Windows application and desktop management.

But technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Cloud and mobile applications continue to add complexities for IT administrators, who are already challenged by traditional endpoint management that is slow and resource intensive, with a poor user experience. For solve these complexities and enable users with a better experience, VMware today introduced a brand-new technology that represents the next phase of the digital workspace: VMware Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

Unified Endpoint Management

Read more about UEM and Windows 10 here.
Read more about UEM and Windows 10 here.

New VMware technologies integrate enterprise mobility management (EMM) and PC lifecycle management (PLM). PLM solutions were designed for the client-server era and never meant for a perimeter-less world. VMware leverages those APIs and provides added value to customers for software distribution, patch management, configuration management and security/visibility—all with the power of the cloud. With this new VMware UEM technology:

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) is more effective.
  • Endpoints and organizations are more secure.
  • Users enjoy a better, more productive experience—just like in the mobile world.

Through these innovative new technologies, enterprises can fundamentally change the endpoint management paradigm. And this shift represents the next phase of the digital workspace.

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Advancements to VMware Horizon

To deliver a digital workspace, you need Windows applications. Horizon delivers desktops and applications virtually from the data center and makes managing enterprise desktops and applications more cost effective and secure. It also adds flexibility for consumption on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, Chromebooks, zero/thin clients and smartphones).

We accelerate the delivery of these desktops and applications with our updated VMware Blast Feature Release, enabling up to 6-times reduction in image bandwidth consumption and 15% reduction in audio streaming. We also cut 24 milliseconds of latency from the delivery of virtual applications with 3D graphics, along with a lot of other enhancements. With these exciting new innovations enabled within the digital workspace, end users get an even better experience than before.

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In addition to performance increases, we also help customers lower the overall cost of delivering high-quality Horizon 7 or Horizon Air desktops and applications with newly validated thin and zero clients from Dell, HP and iGEL, along with the technology preview of support for Raspberry Pi.

Next, new validated appliances for Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode from Dell, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems and QCT also support the rapid setup and delivery of virtual desktops and applications. This helps significantly minimize the time it takes to bring up virtual desktops. From plug in to deploy in less than one hour! We are the first to deliver a true hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and apps.

What does all of this mean? It means customers get simplicity with lower TCO.

Read more about these innovations and more in this great blog from Courtney Burry, VMware EUC senior director of product marketing.

Want to see these powerful technologies in action? Access a Hands-On Lab here.

Workspace ONE with Identity Manager

The fabric of the digital workspace is identity. In today’s perimeter-less environment, legacy directory systems do not work. Identity Manager is a new way to manage user policies and ensure users can access any app anywhere.

Moving users to Microsoft Office 365 can be tedious, but Workspace ONE with Identity Manager workspace onemakes it simple by bridging on-premises and cloud-based active directories. Now, IT administrators can leverage new automatic provisioning and de-provisioning capabilities to make onboarding and separation of employees much easier. It also strengthens organizational security, since the revocation of access to sensitive information is immediate. In addition, a new consumer-simple way to authenticate users with the use of their phone number is available. Through this new technology, requiring users to download and register a two-factor authentication (2FA) application is not needed.

Dive into these technology advancements in this blog from Kevin Strohmeyer, VMware EUC senior director of product marketing.

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We fully believe the way forward is through the digital workspace. VMware is committed to innovations that make end-user enablement much simpler. With today’s exciting new advancements to the digital workspace, we deliver technologies to immediately solve application management challenges today—and for the digital workspace of tomorrow.

There are many more innovations and product developments to come, so please follow us here on the EUC Blog and the VMware newsroom to stay on top of the latest developments.

For those in Las Vegas, enjoy the rest of the VMworld conference. For those not in attendance, watch a replay of the EUC keynote here.

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