VMware recently made some announcements that allow VMware Cloud Service Provider partners to take the next steps towards modern applications, data services and DevOps: These include:

We want to give our Cloud Service Provider partners detailed guidance on how to monetize and productize these solutions. Therefore, we just published a new white paper called “Building a compelling Multi-Cloud DevOps and Data Services Business”. It’s the fourth part of the “Building a compelling Cloud Provider Business” white paper series:

Part 1: Building a compelling Cloud Platform TCO on the VMware Cloud Provider Platform

Part 2: Building a compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Provider Business

Part 3: Building a compelling Multi- Cloud IaaS Subscription Business

Part 4: Building a compelling Multi- Cloud DevOps and Data Services Business

The latest white paper describes the journey to developer, DevOps and Data Services along three customer use-cases:

Through these services, VMware Cloud Services Providers can support the full DevSecOps lifecycle for their customers:

To understand how to build a competitive offering for customers, the white paper also looks at the hyperscale public cloud market and how to compete with developer, DevOps and Data Services from AWS, Azure and GCP:

We also published an accompanying walk-through video for both, VMware Cloud Service Providers and VMware Cloud Customers. This video walks through the key features, pricing considerations and comprehensive user experience demos that show the UI and consumption of services from the perspective of end-users:

To learn more about building a compelling multi-cloud DevOps and Data Services business, download the white paper today. Also, reach out to your cloud provider account manager and visit https://cloudsolutions.vmware.com.


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