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Developer Ready Clouds for VMware Cloud Partners: Announcing GA of Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services Portfolio

VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) and VMware Tanzu Data Services portfolio are generally available as of April 27, 2022 for our Cloud Provider partners. As modern applications adopt container technology worldwide, Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services portfolio expand application managed services opportunities for cloud providers. Expanding beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), cloud providers can offer additional cloud-native developer services for multi-cloud, private, and sovereign cloud environments built on top of Tanzu Kubernetes and the open system source (OSS) Kubernetes platform.

Both Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Service portfolio are available to VMware Cloud Providers on a consumption/PAYG model enabling them to offer application and data-base managed services to enterprises on a consumption basis as well.

Tanzu Application Platform enables cloud providers to drive new service capabilities for a tenant’s application workloads using Tanzu Standard and Tanzu Mission Control with a comprehensive build and application lifecycle management platform for all customers’ modern application needs. Development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) teams will now have access to best-of-breed tools in the application development pipeline while creating and maintaining a secure, sustainable, and reusable pathway for modern applications throughout their lifecycle. As a result, they can build their applications more quickly and realize faster revenue generation for their company.

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Tanzu Data Services is a portfolio of caching, messaging, and database services that most modern applications need in order to deliver their service at massive scale. By leveraging the capabilities of these services, cloud providers can help customer development teams improve performance, expand their application service capabilities, and deepen their data insights across their enterprise customers. The Tanzu Data Services included with this announcement:

  • Tanzu SQL: An enterprise-ready database-as-a-service providing cost-efficient, simplified and flexible SQL database instances, built on and using the Kubernetes architecture and tools that dramatically reduce effort required to deploy, manage, protect and scale SQL instances
  • Tanzu Greenplum: A massively parallel processing (MPP) database built on open-source Postgres, designed to aggregate a wide variety of enterprise-scale data sources into a single unified cluster platform. Greenplum is supported by a growing library of integrations and extensions that expand Greenplum into a full data warehouse for business intelligence (BI) analytics, data science exploration, queries and more
  • Tanzu GemFire: an enterprise grade, high speed in-memory data and compute grid with distributed database capabilities for high-performance, low latency applications where data must be consistent, up to date and delivered with sub-milisecond response times at scale, across multiple data centers
  • Tanzu RabbitMQ: a highly efficient messaging and event streaming service that connects and integrates multiple distributed applications and processes high volume data in real time and at scale

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How is VMware helping Cloud Providers attract cloud-native developer workloads?

Cloud Providers can now offer enterprises additional fully managed and self-service offerings to develop, build and deploy their mission critical cloud-native applications quickly in their VMware Cloud Provider environments: on-prem, hosted private or sovereign clouds, and public clouds. With the additional VMware Tanzu portfolio offerings now available today, cloud providers can offer a complete pre-configured development, build and deployment pipeline service for cloud-native applications, to expand on existing Tanzu services that run and manage cloud-native applications. In addition, cloud providers can also now deliver common large scale application data services that enterprise customers look for when scaling up their applications. The combination of new offerings to the Tanzu portfolio allows cloud providers to expand and grow their multi-cloud services, address the application and development pipeline needs of developers and DevSecOps teams, and attract new workloads, such as large scale data warehouse environments, onto their clouds. Tanzu services are designed to grow and scale easily and quickly with the enterprise customers, giving them peace of mind that the solutions they build on cloud provider clouds will continue to be secure, perform well, and be as serviceable for their teams whether it’s on day 1, year 1, or beyond.

How does Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services help cloud providers be developer ready?

As Kubernetes adoption continues to grow worldwide, so does the ecosystem of tools and services available. This fragmentation can stifle innovation. A McKinsey study shows that companies with a higher DVI (developer velocity index, which measures business performance through software development) see 4-5x faster revenue growth than their peers, and are 55x more innovative over their bottom-quartile peers.[1] Examining the underlying causes for these outcomes reveals that the most successful companies have embraced a key capability that most impacts business performance: best-in-class developer tools for application delivery. By leveraging the best tools available in the application lifecycle and reducing the friction that development teams encounter, companies can optimize the development, deployment, and management of revenue-generating software and services.

With Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services portfolio, cloud providers are now even better equipped to handle the requirements of multi-tenant cloud native workloads by offering a complete application development, build, and deployment platform. Cloud providers can take advantage of these new services to deliver a superior developer experience for new and existing customers. As a modular, application-aware platform with a pre-paved path of pre-configured tools and components, Tanzu Application Platform allows customers to focus on building their application rather than spend effort stitching needed tools and components together. As customers focus on designing their applications, they can take advantage of the Tanzu Data Services portfolio of advanced software caching, messaging, and database capabilities offered by cloud partners to ensure that their application can grow at cloud scale, perform reliably, and be managed securely and consistently through a single pane of glass for the lifecycle of their application. Cloud providers can help customers by offering full stack deployment and build services, along with highly scalable data services.

Tanzu Application Platform:

  • Deliver build and deployment service: Deploy a pre-configured application-aware platform across environments to help tenants accelerate their software development
  • Automate CI/CD pipelines: Import existing development and build pipelines into Tanzu Application Platform to centralize development, build and running of cloud-native workloads under one platform
  • Compose custom modular development and build pathways: Create additional development and build pipelines to offer individualized platform experiences for customer segments or specific design requirements
  • Integrate with other Tanzu services: Seamlessly integrate Tanzu Data Services portfolio to deliver caching, database, and messaging services at scale, and Tanzu Mission Control to manage deployed application clusters.

Tanzu Data Services Portfolio:

  • Expand database services: Provide large scale data storage and data warehouse services with VMware Tanzu Greenplum, or deploy and migrate SQL server instances into Tanzu SQL
  • Deploy caching services: Offer low latency, highly scalable data caching for applications where sub millisecond response time is critical
  • Deliver messaging services: Provision messaging queue services and event streaming capabilities to enable distributed application messaging, and ability to process ‘data in motion’

With Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services portfolio enabling scalable, customized application build and deployment lifecycles and best of breed data services is possible. Cloud Provider partners can easily onboard new tenants (developers, and DevSecOps personas) and offer full stack managed services across multi-clouds, private clouds, and sovereign clouds.​ Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services portfolio empower a seamless build, scale, and data management experience by bringing together multi-cloud, enterprise-readiness​, a community-aligned approach.

Learning more about TAP and TDS portfolio for cloud providers:

Here are the learning and training resources available to you on the overall VMware Tanzu portfolio.

Tanzu Application Platform Resources:

Tanzu Data Services Portfolio Resources:

Tanzu Resources:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your VMware contacts with any questions.

We are excited about Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Data Services portfolio expanding managed service offerings for our Cloud Provider partners, and the future innovation possibilities that we can bring to their portfolios. We will continue posting new technical and product information on our VMware Cloud Provider blogs. Join us by following the blog directly using the RSS feed, on FacebookLinkedIn and on Twitter, and by visiting our YouTube channel too.

As always, thank you, and please stay safe.


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