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Announcing VMware Cloud Flex Compute – a new cloud compute model

VMware introduces VMware Cloud Flex Compute, a brand-new cloud compute model for enterprise applications. VMware Cloud Flex Compute- currently in Preview, will offer a new “hostless” and “instance-less” modern infrastructure approach. VMware Cloud Flex Compute will enable users to spin up a small virtual pool of resources (vCPU, Memory, Storage) on an isolated network, and elastically extend based on application needs.

Until now, customers have had to make difficult trade-offs that compromise cloud agility, cost efficiency and elasticity. Customers must choose between hundreds of different instance types, necessitating lengthy and detailed capacity and cost analysis, with limited flexibility to change instance types as needs change. Customers will often commit themselves to long-term, consumption-based agreements in exchange for substantial discounts, which puts the risk on the customer to achieve the committed level of consumption. This is particularly challenging when customers must undergo complex application refactoring exercises in order to run on the cloud. And lastly, customers must choose between dozens of different platforms and services to host their virtual machines, containers, and functions- locking themselves into a range of dissimilar operating models and staffing needs.

Today, VMware brings its decades of enterprise engineering experience to bear to deliver the first cloud compute model that delivers for enterprise applications. VMware Cloud Flex Compute will have no instance types: compute, storage and network capacity are auto-provisioned and auto-scaled based on demand. VMware Cloud Flex Compute will dynamically and transparently assign the most cost-efficient underlying hardware to the customer’s workloads, optimize continuously, and pass savings directly back to the customer. There is no need for sizing, application refactoring, or separate optimization activities and the service is managed by VMware.

VMware Cloud Flex Compute will combine VMware’s experience in virtualization with the strength of our AWS partnership to provide a unique solution for customers’ cloud journeys. VMware Cloud Flex Compute is the next big innovation in cloud computing that will help customers accelerate their multi-cloud journey. With VMware Cloud Flex Compute, VMware delivers cloud adoption with confidence for our customers.

VMware Cloud Flex Compute is in early access for customers to try. To learn more and to participate in the early access program, please email your interest to vmc_flexcompute_ea@vmware.com. Also please check out this blog to get more information about VMware Cloud Flex Compute.