Multi-Cloud VMware Cloud on Dell

Redefine Digital Workspace with VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell

The walls of the office have come down and the new digital workplace without boundaries, spanning across geographies. The global health scenario has turned remote work, once a selective privilege, into a mainstream phenomenon. Those companies will stay ahead of the curve that provide a dynamic digital workspace for all employees regardless of their location while maintaining the data security and compliance. Businesses have been investing in digital workspace technologies to ensure a seamless remote access experience for their employees while they continue to embark on their cloud acceleration journey.

VMware Horizon virtual desktop and apps solution is a trusted digital workspace solution that empowers employees and drives collaboration from anywhere and on any device. The Horizon VDI solution on VMware Cloud on Dell combines the market-proven remote-work solution with the fully managed on-premises Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.

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Highlighted below are the key benefits that our customers enjoy in their journey of modernizing workspaces with VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell.

Delightful Employee Experience

Desktop virtualization projects can be a hit or miss if IT infrastructure is not right-sized to have the right amount of compute and storage resources that provide end-users with the experience they expect. Poor employee experience due to misaligned IT resources may cause the unanticipated demise of VDI initiatives. Eliminate the possibility of VDI project failure by embracing scale-as-you-go VMware Cloud on Dell solution. Optimized for VMware Horizon virtual desktops and apps, VMware Cloud on Dell helps customers delight their employees with low-latency access to all applications and processes. Tasks such as logging, launching apps, searching for an email doesn’t have to take several seconds to yield results. Fast desktop provisioning with instant clone technology delivers new sessions within 1-2 seconds. Users can customize their profile and preferences with App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager​ to have a personalized and consistent experience across any devices.

Simplified administration

Integrated remote-work solution VMware Horizon with VMware Cloud on Dell simplifies the management complexity. While the multi-cloud infrastructure is fully managed by VMware/Dell, customers have the flexibility to either run Horizon on their own or consume the cloud-hosted Horizon solution for simplicity.

Organizations can increase productivity by removing teams from mundane tasks of managing IT infrastructure and redeploying on business-impacting applications. Rolling desktop patching for the entire farm as users log-off, eliminates the patch maintenance window. Our customers share why they choose VMware Cloud on Dell for their cloud transformation.

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License compliance

Extending virtual apps and desktops to the public cloud hasn’t been easy as customers discover application software mobility license and assurance costs for migration to the public cloud. License compliance costs to migrate to the public clouds often hurt the RoI for VDI migration to the cloud, effectively killing the project. This Infrastructure as a service solution, integrated with Horizon VDI solution lets our customers enjoy the simplicity and scale of desktop-as-a-service without incurring public cloud license costs, all without having to manage their infrastructure operations. Many customers from across multiple geographies and verticals have chosen Horizon with VMware Cloud on Dell to empower their workforce and simplify the operational complexity.

Scale on demand

Flexibility to start small and scale as you grow employee headcount. Begin your end-user computing modernization journey with just three nodes and expand to multiple racks as more users are added. Easy to order and use with a centralized VMware Cloud console for the entire full-stack infrastructure.

Please refer to the reference architecture and deployment guide to transform your user computing environment. Please contact your VMware or partner representative for more information.