The Top 10 Most-Watched Multi-Cloud Sessions from VMworld 2021

VMworld 2021 was packed with informative content for virtualization pros, cloud architects, technology leaders and more to learn about the latest advancements in multi-cloud technology. Our focus is on delivering services that enable your multi-cloud success, so you can have the freedom to choose the best of every cloud, ship your applications faster, and spend less.

As an attendee of VMworld, there’s a tremendous amount of content to choose from. And if you missed the event altogether, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 most popular sessions from the multi-cloud infrastructure track at VMworld, available to view anytime, on-demand:

1. The VMware Multi-Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021

Hear from VMware executives on the VMware strategy to deliver industry leading, multi-cloud infrastructure and management for the public cloud, local cloud, managed cloud, and private cloud – innovating to deliver a breakthrough foundation for any application. This session will cover the latest releases and capabilities of our core infrastructure (vSphere, vSAN, NSX) and cloud management offerings, the latest on our cloud provider and hyperscaler partnerships, and discuss industry examples from our enterprise customer base.

2. 5 Key Elements of an Effective Multi-Cloud Platform for Data and Analytics

Increasing scale for critical workloads drives many firms to move to multi-cloud environments. But challenges such as cost, complexity, lack of appropriate skills, and security often kill multi-cloud projects, especially those involving AI, machine learning (ML), and analytics, long before they deliver any benefits. VMware and Intel architects will discuss five key elements to building a multi-cloud platform based on a reference architecture with VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Tanzu, new 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and Intel Optane Persistent Memory. See how this drives a Retail Store of the Future, an AI use case with on-premises private cloud platforms that seamlessly scale to VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as the Azure VMware Solution to quickly and dramatically scale out various modern/cloud native app workloads.

3. How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era

The next era of virtualization is upon us. VMware is leading the way, working with industry partners to reimagine enterprise computing to support the needs of next-generation applications. VMware’s industry-leading vSphere compute platform, which powers VMware’s multi-cloud solutions, is evolving to unleash the advances in silicon-based accelerators, high speed interconnects, and cloud-scale architectures. In this session, VMware thought leaders discuss some of the leading-edge vSphere innovations. Don’t miss this sneak peek on what’s on the horizon for AI/ML, Kubernetes, Project Monterey (DPU acceleration) and software defined memory across DRAM, PMEM, and NVMe.

4. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts: Bring VMware Cloud to Your Data Center

Do you want to get the experience, agility, and innovation of the cloud in your own data center? Then look no further. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is HERE to help. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is a jointly engineered on-premises as-a-service offering, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. In this session, VMware and AWS executives talk about key customer-driven use cases of the service, key differentiators, and how the service provides a consistent end-to-end hybrid cloud experience from on-premises to cloud, and to edge environments.

5. A Big Update on vRealize Operations

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you an update on VMware vRealize Operations you won’t forget. The premier cloud management tool has some great things coming for ease of use, time to value, troubleshooting, capacity and cost efficiency, application monitoring, integrations, and so much more. If you have clouds and you care about management, you won’t want to miss this session.

6. What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management

VMware vRealize Cloud Management enables consistent deployment and operations of your apps, infrastructure, and platform services, from the data center to the cloud to the edge. Watch this session to understand all the latest innovations for vRealize and get actionable insights.

7. VMware’s Vision for Storage and Data in a Multi-Cloud World

VMware continues to innovate storage and availability solutions for use on-premises and in the cloud. The speakers in this session share VMware’s vision and direction for the current and next-generations of products such as vSAN, vVols, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, and more.

8. 10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey

This session details how Project Monterey and SmartNICs will redefine the data center with decoupled control and data planes for management, networking, storage and security—for VMware ESXi hosts and for bare-metal systems. Find out how it helps to increase performance, security and manageability for the entire spectrum of VMware vSphere and bare-metal infrastructure management.

9. 60 Minutes of Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) 3rd Edition

Although we enrich the stack with multiple layers of abstraction, obtaining consistent performance boils down to understanding the fundamentals. This requires the admin and the architect to focus on individual host components again. In this session, we dive into the impact the Multi-chip Module (MCM) has on scheduler behavior and workload sizing. Learn the underlying configuration of a virtual machine and discover the connection between the General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) and the NUMA node. Determine how the cores-per-socket impact a virtual NUMA configuration. We will look at the impact of heterogeneous clusters on workload performance and how you can detect faux-wide virtual machine configurations. You will understand how your knowledge of NUMA concepts in your cluster can help the developer by aligning the Kubernetes nodes to the physical infrastructure with the help of VM Service.

10. The Future of Local and Distributed Cloud with VMware and Dell Technologies

Join Dell and VMware to learn the vision and strategy of local cloud and distributed cloud. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC brings the cloud to your data center and co-locators, such as Equinix. In this session, you will hear about the future of this solution as well as customer stories on how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC accelerated their cloud journey.

Enjoy the sessions, and keep learning through hands-on experience with VMware technology here.